Kim Jong Un loses weight| Kim Jong Un: Kim Jong Un loses weight, health-related speculation gets wind again

Kim Jong Un loses weight| Kim Jong Un: Kim Jong Un loses weight, health-related speculation gets wind again

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Kim Jong Un has come into limelight after many days&nbsp


  • Kim Jong is again in discussions about his health
  • This time his weight has not increased, but has reduced significantly.
  • His watch is already loose and his face looks thinner

New Delhi: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s weight has probably reduced by 10 to 20 kilograms, and with this, the speculations about his health have been revived. In countries like South Korea, America and Japan, Kim’s health remains the subject of discussion and often attempts are made to find answers to questions such as whether Kim has gained more weight, whether she is able to walk or not. He is breathless, why does he have a stick, why has he not attended an important government program, etc.

The thirty-seven-year-old leader is once again in discussion about his health, but this time his weight has not increased, but has reduced significantly. From the pictures of Kim recently released on social media, it seems that she has lost a lot of weight.

His watch is already looser and his face looks thinner. Some analysts say that the 5-foot-eight-inch tall Kim weighed 140 kg earlier and has now lost perhaps 10 to 20 kg.

Hong Min, a senior analyst at the Seoul-based Korea Institute for National Unification, said that Kim’s weight loss appears to be an attempt to improve his health rather than a sign of illness. Many members of Kim’s family are heavy drinkers and smokers. Have been suffering from heart related ailments. His father and grandfather had died due to cardiac problems. Experts have said that Kim’s overweight can increase the risk of heart diseases.

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Seo Yu-seok of the Seoul-based Institute of North Korean Studies said that North Korea had recently created the first secretary position of the ruling Workers’ Party, which would be second only to Kim in the country and the post is related to Kim. potential health problems.

He said Kim may have allowed the establishment of the post at the request of top officials, but he has not nominated anyone as it could loosen his grip on power.

‘Hunger’, warned about increasing the Kovid-19 lockdown

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned of the possibility of a food crisis in the country and called on people to support the restrictions imposed to stop the spread of Kovid-19. Kim made the remarks at a major political conference to discuss national efforts to save the faltering economy.North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency said Kim called for discussion on how North Korea should deal with the “current international situation”. However, he did not mention any comments Kim made about the US or South Korea.

An already unstable economy has worsened

North Korea’s already shaky economy has been further battered by halting trade with China due to border closures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and crop damage caused by frequent storms and floods last summer. Observers assessing the situation in North Korea have yet to show signs of starvation, but some analysts say the situation could be heading towards it.

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The Korean Development Institute, a South Korean government think-tank, said last month that North Korea could face a food shortage of about one million tonnes this year.

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