Know How To Unban Free Fire Account, Free Fire Unban Device Apk Download 2020

Know How To Unban Free Fire Account, Free Fire Unban Device Apk Download 2020

Unban Free Fire

Garena Free Fire takes strict action when the players cheat in the game. The online multiplayer gamers use unfair methods and cheat while playing the game. This has become a very enticing option for gamers. In order to improve their ranking with the help of various third-party tools, the players of Free Fire use cheat tricks, which are not approved by the developers of the game. Because of this, the developers keep a stringent watch on accounts. They punish such players by permanently banning their Free Fire accounts. But, in some rare cases, the players who have been playing fairly since the beginning get banned due to unusual reasons.

As a result, some Free Fire players are facing a situation wherein they see the following message on the startup screen “Your account has been suspended”. When you face such a scenario, the gamers must follow some simple steps listed below to unban your account and continue playing the game.

How to unban a Free Fire ID in 2020?

The customer service of Garena Free Fire looks after bans. There are several reasons for which an account might get banned in the game. Players have to follow the steps given below to appeal against any account suspension.

Step 1: To appeal a ban, the Free Fire gamers will have to reach out to Free Fire support. They can click the link to visit the webpage and appeal against the ban.
Step 2: The gamers must fill in all required details like the player ID, Free Fire IGN or Username (in-game name), level, and describe the reason for lifting the ban. 
Step 3: The gamers must note that if there is any mismatch in the necessary details that are provided by players, then the appeal will be disregarded.
Step 4: Double if all the required fields are correctly filled. 
Step 5: Click on the ‘Submit’ button. 
Step 6: Upon successful Submission, Free Fire support will then review the ban.

However, lifting off the ban or removal of suspension is not guaranteed. Gamers must note that if they were banned for using hacks or modified versions of the game client, then the appeal request will not be considered. Before players submit an appeal, they should review the following clauses:

  • The account holder or the player is responsible for the account’s behavior. The developers apply penalties no matter who was using the account when the violation occurred. 
  • Only requests that are submitted with ALL the required information will be eligible for review.
  • Repeated, also abusive, abusive appeals will not increase the chances of a successful appeal. 
  • Appeals sent after a decision will not be reviewed. It will be stated saying “We are unable to reply to requests about pending appeals.”
  • If the gamers provide the wrong account details, it will result in the appeal to be denied. For instance, IGN doesn’t match the player ID.

What are the steps to Unban Free Fire account?

The user must note that the steps mentioned above will not guarantee that the account will be unbanned. Most of the bans depend on the Garena support team. If the player isn’t indulged in any kind of cheating while playing a game, then the account will soon be unbanned. Follow the steps to send mail to Garena Free Fire:

  • Visit the official Garena customer support website on your device.
  • Click on “Email us now” to contact the customer support of the game.
  • You can describe your issue (of the ban) in detail along with a subject marking the ban.
  • Submit the ticket.
  • The Free Fire customer support will reach you soon.

Free Fire Unban Device Apk Download 2020

Users can also do one of the methods below:

1) To unban the Device, you can change the SIM card. Follow the steps below:

  • Turn Airplane mode on
  • Force stop your Free Fire App and Clear data. 
  • Reset your phone.
  • Replace the SIM card on your device.
  • Open Free Fire and use another account to log in.

2) Players can Change IMEI code. Follow the steps below:

  • Free Fire players need to download an app called “Device ID Changer” on the Google Play Store. 
  • Use the application to change the IMEI code of your mobile phone.
  • Restart your phone afterward.
  • Check your Free Fire account.
  • With the device ban being based on the IMEI code, you probably have already been unbanned.

Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a famous and popular battle Royale across the world. Currently, Free Fire has a massive player base of over 100 million peak daily active users. The game has become immensely popular for more than 3 years after its release and has achieved a record of daily active users. Garena Free Fire was designed and developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS.  The game became so famous due to its unique features and gameplay that it is loved by millions of players. 

In the Free Fire game, each 10-minute game will place you on a remote island. You are up against 49 other players, who are all seeking survival. Players can freely choose their initial point of landing with their parachute. Players must be keen to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. In the game, you can drive vehicles to explore the map, hide in trenches, or become invisible by proning under grass. Free Fire involves snipe, shooting, ambush, survival, with only one goal to survive. The last player who survives till the end, wins the game. 

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