The One Where Ross And Rachel Answer The Million Dollar Question

The One Where Ross And Rachel Answer The Million Dollar Question

FRIENDS Reunion Episode: FRIENDS has been a legend, a lifestyle, and just a tiny little world for many in this chaotic big world. So when the makers announced the reunion episode, the fans all across the globe went crazy and talks were on regarding how it was actually going to be. While many thought that it was going to be shot as an extended episode in the series, some fans were of the opinion that it was going to be a recorded conversation among the members of the show. And turns out, it’s the latter. The first trailer released by HBO Max features the entire cast of the show – the formidable six friends and a few others who made an impact with their on and off appearances (read Janice and Richard). Also Read – FRIENDS Reunion Special Teaser Features In Mumbai Police’s COVID-19 Awareness Advisory

The special reunion episode has been shot at the iconic FRIENDS sets with actors recalling all their wonderful memories of working with each other and filming each of those episodes that left a lasting effect on the generations to come. As a bonus for fans, Ross and Rachel (David Schwimmer, and Jennifer Aniston) finally agree that ‘they were on a break’ – something that the fans have been scratching their heads over for years – and well, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) reenacts her famous scene from the episode ‘The One Where Everybody Finds Out’. This: Also Read – FRIENDS Reunion Teaser, Date, Time Revealed But Can Indians Watch This Star-Studded Show?

The trailer creates an emotional mood both for the fans and for the cast. We see Jennifer revealing how she was told that this show wasn’t going to make her a star. The actors also play a fun quiz where they test each other’s knowledge of the show and things that went on to become a part of the pop culture like the ’18 page letter (front and back)’. Watch the trailer here:

We know how it feels when you see this and then realise that the episode is not going to be aired in India because we don’t have HBO Max!

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