Know What Is Sub Machine Guns In Free Fire, Submachine Free Fire Guns Name List

Know What Is Sub Machine Guns In Free Fire, Submachine Free Fire Guns Name List

Free Fire Game Sub Machine Guns In FF

Free Fire is a popular battle royale style online game. Free Fire Game is available for both iOS and Android users. The game was previously known as Free Fire Battlegrounds. Free Fire currently has a massive player base of over 100 million peak daily active users. Free Fire has become immensely popular three years after its release. Free Fire game has achieved a record of daily active users. Free Fire game was developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. Free Fire Games will be available for free of cost. Free Fire Game has in-app purchases. The developers offer certain additional perks to make money in such purchases.

What Is Sub Machine Guns In Free Fire?

Players can easily get a Sub Machine Gun in Garena Free Fire game. Players must make sure that you have the best ammunition so that you can kill your enemies swiftly, in order to survive in Free Fire. Take a look at the submachine guns you can choose from.

Top 5 SMG Weapons in Free Fire


CG15 gun is made with futuristic technology. It deals with the highest damage in the SMG category. CG15 weapon can inflict 50 damage on opponents. It is the rate of fire and higher range. Players can get their hands on the gun quickly. Also, players attach a magazine and a foregrip to the weapon.

Damage: 50
Rate of Fire: 69
Range: 71
Reload Speed: 62
Magazine: 20
Accuracy: 60


MP5 is considered to be one of the most used weapons in the game. MP5 gun also offers a steady fire rate and excellent performance during mid-range fights.

Damage: 45
Rate of Fire: 76
Range: 41
Reload Speed: 77
Magazine: 48
Accuracy: 54


P90 SMG is classified as FN Project 1990. The gun is available in almost every shooting game. This weapon offers a high rate of fire and its low recoil is another reason to use it. Besides, the gun comes with the largest magazine capacity compared to other ones. P90 is not the optimum choice for low or medium range battles.

Damage: 48
Rate of Fire: 75
Range: 27
Reload Speed: 48
Magazine: 50
Accuracy: 37


MP40 gun will assure you the highest firing rate. The gun has decent recoil. It can be used effectively when engaged in close-range combat. MP40 can be used for close combats only as it does not have a good aim.

Rate of Fire: 5
Power: 3
Clip Size: 20
Range: 2.5
Accuracy: 3.5


UMP submachine gun can fire bullets very fast. One of the negatives of the gun is, it takes time to recoil. UMP gun has the second-highest rate of fire. Even though MP40 is a better choice, you can replace it with UMP as it gives more or less the same damage and is good at close-range combats.

Power: 3
Clip Size: 30
Range: 3.5
Accuracy: 4
Rate of Fire: 4.5

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