LispyJimmy – The Fortnite clickbait YouTuber whose lies and deceit destroyed his career

LispyJimmy – The Fortnite clickbait YouTuber whose lies and deceit destroyed his career

LispyJimmy is an American YouTuber who is despised by the YouTube community because of clickbait videos. LispyJimmy started off in 2012 by making GTA V tutorial videos. He very soon realized that he could drastically grow his channel if he resorted to regular videos but with really enticing titles. And thus began LispyJimmy’s clickbait career.

LispyJimmy resorted to making videos with fake giveaways and fake updates. Thanks to these videos, he gained a good number of subscribers almost every day. However, the YouTube space evolved over the years, and his audience began calling him out on his clickbait videos.

The start of LispyJimmy’s career

As mentioned earlier, LispyJimmy started his career back in 2012 with simple GTA tutorial videos. His growth was relatively slow in the beginning. Since his videos had content during his early days, he was respected by the audience watching his content back then.

His subscriber count went up by 5000 in his first year, and that’s when he realized if he had really catchy thumbnails and titles, his audience would watch his content more. Although he had videos with titles promising to show people how to rank up quickly in games, he barely showed them any methods to do so.

Thanks to the titles his videos had, his subscriber count went up to 100k in the span of the next two months. While it helped him grow his channel, it further reinforced the idea that clickbaits were a way to grow quickly on YouTube.

While his videos were mostly clickbait, he was very consistent with them. He kept pushing videos almost daily, which caused the YouTube algorithm to automatically boost his videos.

He had amassed a total of 500k subscribers within the first two years of his online presence. However, this growth slowed down a bit because people stopped consuming GTA related content. Since the game was somewhat on a decline, content creators were moving on to other games.

LispyJimmy’s move from GTA V to Fortnite and his final downfall

LispyJimmy mixed up the kind of content he was creating. In fact, he teased his face reveal a few times before actually going on to reveal himself. Following this, he went on to make gaming content along with some IRL content as well. Since he was known for his GTA videos, his IRL content didn’t generate enough views forcing him to resort to clickbait videos once again.

But in 2016, content creators from around the world started making videos on other content creators on YouTube. It was during this time that LispyJimmy got pulled up for his clickbait videos. However, that didn’t affect his channel at all.

Then in 2017, LispyJimmy struck gold with Fortnite and instantly made a move to it. He kept up with his clickbait trends even in Fortnite. He made videos promising to gift V-Bucks cards and other rewards to his subscribers. The rewards, however, never reached their destinations.

His viewer base finally started calling him out on his videos, and he started losing subscribers and views on a daily basis. Although he’s still at 5.96 million subscribers at the time of writing this article, his videos and streams have difficulty crossing 20k viewers. The comments on his videos are also not that positive. But that hasn’t stopped LispyJimmy from making videos.

LispyJimmy’s YouTube career is a prime example of how devastating relying on clickbait can be. The situation is so bad that people have actually gone on to start petitions on in order to get him removed from YouTube. One such petition can be found here. Although most of them have been closed now, these petitions are proof that he’s actually despised on the internet.

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