Masood Azhar | Exclusive: Hear how terror leader Masood Azhar instigates people to jihad, Times Now Navbharat Exclusive: Masood Azhar confession on jihad

Masood Azhar | Exclusive: Hear how terror leader Masood Azhar instigates people to jihad, Times Now Navbharat Exclusive: Masood Azhar confession on jihad

Times Now Navbharat Exclusive: Masood Azhar confession on jihad

Jaish chief Masood Azhar instigates youth for jihad.&nbsp


  • Big disclosure of ‘Times Now Navbharat’ on terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed
  • The hideouts of Jaish-e-Mohammed’s leader are in the residential areas of Bahawalpur
  • Masood tricks the youth in the name of religion, instigates jihad

New Delhi : ‘Times Now Navbharat’ has made many revelations about international terrorist and Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar on the first day of its launch. With this revelation of the channel, the mask has come off the face of Pakistan and its lies were caught. He says that he cannot find Masood while Masood is safe in Bahawalpur under his patronage and care. The investigative journalism of ‘Times Now Navbharat’ has found two places in Bahawalpur of Masood and placed them in front of the world. Masood has two hideouts in Bahawalpur, which are guarded by Pakistani security personnel. Masood is running his terror factory from here. The leader of Jaish, apart from creating terrorist conspiracies against India, uses the guise of religion to push the youth on the path of terror. He releases terror tapes for jihad and speaks poisonous words. A similar audio tape channel has been caught in the hands of the youth in the name of religion.

(Confession of Maulana Masood Azhar on Jihad)

‘Imam Bukhari is a blessing from Allah. He has very clearly stated about Kitabul Jihad and Kitabul Magaji in his book Sahi-Bukhari. There is also Kitabul Jihad Mufasal and Jame (collection) of Bukhari Sharif. There are two ways of describing jihad in this. One way is that after narrating Jihad, the meaning of the word is explained properly. Then jihad should be ordered. Another way is to put the love of jihad in the heart..and make jihad the joy of a believer. And this thing should be taken down in the heart that jihad will give Allah Tala’s Kurb (love). You will get respect. And, that relationship with Allah will be maintained… which is the highest relationship after Ambiya’s relationship. This is how jihad should be described. It should not be told that jihad is duty, nor should it be told that what is the meaning of jihad in books? Let the love of jihad be instilled in the heart from the very beginning.

Azhar said, ‘Hazrat Imam Bukhari is a Mustahid. Mahire is nafsiyat. This is the harm in saying jihad in the first way. And.. what is the rule. The advantage in describing the second way is that when the love of jihad and the hobby of jihad have come to the heart, then no man does not see the bookish meaning. Na aqwal looks at (someone’s statement). Nor does he care about what is the command of jihad? He runs towards jihad in the same way as a small child runs towards milk. Because he has come to know that through Jihad, that relationship with Alla Tala will be formed which will be the biggest relationship after Ambiya’s relationship. Then he himself will find ways for jihad. Whereas jihad is declared in the first way, many people look for ways to escape from jihad. We have adopted the Bukhari method of narrating jihad. People used to say that Jihad is obligatory.. Sunnah or Wajib.. Those who are not doing Jihad are fasik (removed from Islam). But keeping all these things aside we used to say that look how good jihad is. Jihad is such a sweet farijah (duty). Look at that..look at Badar. Look at the wary Badr. Look at that, look at the war status. Look at that surre bararaat (making distance). Look well. Look at that sure, look at Anfal. Look sure. So by the grace of Allah, a large section of the Ummah turned towards Jihad. The same reasoning is in the book of Imam Bukhari…at all. You will see that the command of jihad has been given a long way in this book. And the Fazilat and Afzaliyat of Jihad was declared in the very beginning itself. Now so much confusion and humiliation has come to the fore… that when the order of jihad came later, it did not come to anyone’s mind that I had to find ways to defend it. Promise all of you who are sitting here..Promise Allah Tala that you will read this entire book Kitabul Jihad. One who wants to understand Jihad well, then he should read this book of Imam Bukhari, after the verses of Jihad of Quran Majeed. All promise..Inshallah.

Public : Insha-Allah.

Masood Azhar : And make another promise that you will teach once.. Inshallah.

Public : Insha-Allah.

Masood Azhar : Will catch someone, make him sit.. will study and teach. Not a single word is left out of it, which has passed without listening. Your course of jihad will be completed..Inshallah.

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