TV News: Balika Vadhu 2 will start from this day, Karan Johar shows a glimpse of Bigg Boss contestant’s clothes

TV News: Balika Vadhu 2 will start from this day, Karan Johar shows a glimpse of Bigg Boss contestant’s clothes

TV News wrap 3rd August 2021

TV News wrap 3rd August 2021&nbsp


  • Karan Johar shows a glimpse of the new promo video of Bigg Boss
  • Balika Vadhu 2 serial start date revealed
  • Lockdown and pandemic break in the colors of Indian Idol 12 Grand Finale

TV In the world of entertainment, many popular news and headlines have come out from the small screen industry on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 and they have been discussed throughout the day. Let’s take a look here on the famous headlines related to TV news throughout the day. (.latest TV News Today in Hindi).

Karan Johar shows the clothes of Bigg Boss 15 OTT contestant:
The new promo video of the TV reality show Bigg Boss has been released and during this Karan Johar is seen making some revelations about the new season on the OTT platform Voot. One of which is that this time the audience will be able to decide the punishment for the contestants and the streaming of the show will be live 24 hours on social media. Also, Karan showed a glimpse of the clothes of the contestants.

Indian Idol 12 Grand Finale Now Winner Will Be Announced:
The Indian Idol TV show seems to be in disarray and it seems this time the grand finale is about to fade away. The makers have revealed how they will announce the winner of the show.

Show maker Neeraj Sharma said that if there was no epidemic, then the finale of Indian Idol would have been held in a big stadium. ‘Since this season of ‘Indian Idol 12’ has received a lot of love from the fans, it has been thought and planned to do something more special and the finale can be of 12 hours. There will also be many surprises in this.

Disha Parmar told why does not apply vermilion in demand:

Disha Parmar, who recently married actress and singer Rahul Vaidya, came into limelight when she posted a picture on social media in which she is seen without vermilion. Some users started raising questions again and again that why Disha Parmar is not applying vermilion in demand even after being married?

Disha Parmar replied, ‘Take all those people who are spreading dirt on my comments for not applying vermilion…it is my choice. Whether I should apply vermilion or not. I don’t have trouble with it. My husband has no problem with this. My family also has no problem with this. Then what about you?’

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Saurabh Raj Jain was the best performer from Khatron Ke Khiladi:
Khatron Ke Khiladi is once again embroiled in controversies with the TV reality stunt show. After the ouster of Saurabh Raj Jain, one of the best performers from the serial, the anger of the fans on the TV stunt show has erupted on the social media and the fans are even more furious about the replacement of Saurabh by Nikki Tamboli for the TRP. are visible.

Balika Vadhu TV show start date revealed:

After nearly 13 years on the small screen, the TV show serial Balika Vadhu, based on the evil practice of child marriage, is going to start once again with the character of ‘Anandi’. Once again, little Anandi will be seen facing the brunt of the malpractices like child dispute and trying to break the stereotypes of the society. The makers have announced the start date of the serial and it will start on 9th August.

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