Najibullah’s name on Ashraf Ghani’s tongue, who was that person, Najibullah’s name on Ashraf Ghani’s tongue, who was that person after all?

Najibullah’s name on Ashraf Ghani’s tongue, who was that person, Najibullah’s name on Ashraf Ghani’s tongue, who was that person after all?

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Najibullah’s name on Ashraf Ghani’s tongue, who was that person &nbsp


  • Najibullah was also the President of Afghanistan, hanged by the Taliban in 1996.
  • Najibullah took power in Afghanistan with the support of the Soviet Union.
  • Ashraf Ghani is considered by the Taliban as an agent of America.

On the one hand, the Taliban were moving rapidly in preparation for the conquest of Kabul, while Ashraf Ghani, then the President of Afghanistan, was planning to leave the country. Ashraf Ghani is currently in Kabul, but many questions have arisen about him, for example, he turned out to be a fugitive, he escaped with a share of the Afghan treasure. It is a different matter that he has clarified that what was the reason that he had to leave Kabul suddenly. He says that the decision to leave Kabul was not planned, but he realized that the Taliban could kill him like Najibullah. So here we will tell who was Najibullah.

Who was Najibullah, and what happened
Najibullah was the President of Afghanistan in the 90s. He had the support of the Soviet Union. By the way, America had nothing to do with Afghanistan directly. But America was not happy with the Soviet Union and its supported government. The American wanted to remove the Soviet Union from Afghan soil at any cost and for that he started helping the Taliban. After the Taliban strengthened in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union’s troubles increased and after a time the Soviet army withdrew and the Russian support for Najibullah weakened and taking advantage of this, the Taliban hanged Najibullah in 1996.

  1. Najibullah became the President of Afghanistan in 1987 with the help of the Soviet Union.
  2. Got the constitution written anew and changed the name to Republic of Pakistan
  3. The aid stopped after the disintegration of the Soviet Union in December 1991.
  4. Taliban was now powerful in Afghanistan
  5. Pressure mounted on Najibullah and hid in a compound to save his life.
  6. Taliban captures Kabul in 1996, kills Najibullah and hangs her on an electric pole

change things like this
1996 was the year when the Taliban hanged Najibullah and announced that he had now got freedom from foreign tales. The Taliban ruled from 1996 to 2001. But during that time things changed. Especially when the World Trade Center was targeted in 2001, America got information that the Taliban had helped Al Qaeda and after that the Americans opened a front against the Taliban. Power had changed in America and Hamid Karzai got the command. Experts say that it is true that Afghanistan was ruled by Karzai, but the Taliban believed that the key to power was in the hands of America.

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Why was Ashraf Ghani scared?
The question is what does Ashraf Ghani need to fear. In fact, even though Ashraf Ghani is Afghani, he has been close to western countries on the level of thinking. In America, he was busy in studies and other related work for a long time. Now that he got the command of Afghanistan, the Taliban factions understood that Ashraf Ghani was also the second Najibullah, so when Kabul was captured by the Taliban, they felt that now they should leave the country.

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