New Barbara skin to be available for free in 1.6 Update

New Barbara skin to be available for free in 1.6 Update

Genshin Impact players will be happy to hear that Barbara’s new Summertime Sparkle skin will be available for free in the 1.6 update.

This skin will be acquired through a new event called Echoing Narration, and similar to other events, players will receive this skin as the final reward for completing all of the event tasks. Players can learn everything that’s currently known about this event and the new Barbara skin here.

Genshin Impact’s new skins in the 1.6 update: Barbara skin to be available for free

Barbara’s new skin has had a model render by Project Celestia and it shows off Barbara in cute summer attire, complete with a toy duck handbag and a new outfit. This skin looks like it’s going to be hugely popular this season, and the fact that it will be attainable for free through an event is definitely great news.

Players will be able to recieve this skin by taking part in the Echoing Narration event, which will arrive in Genshin Impact 1.6. It seems that this new event will reward players with this new Barbara skin once they have completed their tasks, similar to how previous events have given out Diona or Fischl for free.

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Genshin Impact Skins leaked: New Echoing Narration event leaked

This new event will task players with collecting “Echo Shells” and other types of Seashells, likely to complete the story of the event. This will most likely take place in the new Archipelago Island region of the game that has previously been leaked.

Once players have collected enough shells, they will be able to trade these shells in to receive the Barbara skin. This will make the Barbara skin available to all players, as taking part in events is always free in Genshin Impact.

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(Image via
(Image via

Players can see the silhouette of the Barbara skin in the final image, and this will likely be the page in which players will be able to select the skin as their reward. With both the tree leaves in the right corner matching up with the silhouette and the 4-star logo over the image, this image is designed to tease players with the new Barbara skin.

(Image via
(Image via

This image appears to show that this event will have 6 parts, meaning that players will have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to receive the Barbara skin for free. However, with Genshin Impact players being no stranger to events, this should not be too difficult of a task. Many players are sure to take part in the Echoing Narration event as they will want to get their free Barbara skin.

With a free skin on the line, the Echoing Narration event may be one of the biggest events in Genshin Impact. Players should take part if they want to get their hands on the Summertime Sparkle skin in Genshin Impact 1.6.

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