Nice gift for a good person

When the war ends, the memory comes. The memory of those who left for us, and the memory of those who remain with us. It is difficult to surprise them with gifts, and not because they have a lot of money. Because they already have everything. But something really nice to give them is still possible. And it’s worth millions. Below we will talk about veterans’ merchandise.

Something useful for a patriot

It used to be customary to give books — they wrote about heroes who performed feats, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Now it is enough to give one book, an electronic one, and this will replace the entire Royal Library.

The heroes who live among us and who invited you to a birthday party also need practical things (in case you already have an e-book). The best gift is one that is often used. It is more often in sight and allows us to remember pleasant congratulations.

Actually, any gift must meet three criteria:

  1. pleasantness
  2. benefit
  3. availability

It often happens that you are afraid not to guess with a gift. But if we are talking about a patriot, and even defending his native people, then it is difficult to miss. Stores like Galaxate will help you get noticed for the better.

What is merch made of

The tradition of using merch goes back to the time of hippies — rock bands then gave fans t-shirts with their own image or album cover. Over time, this type of product migrated to advertising and the gift industry. It turned out that an ordinary person is always pleased if his portrait or favorite verbal expression is applied to a factory-made thing.

For so and for money

According to the nature of its appearance, merch is divided into two categories.

  • Free stuff

Distributed by brands as advertising — in stores, on the street or in parcels. Yes, this t-shirt has the logo of an incomprehensible company with a phone, but the t-shirt itself is very good. And the mug perfectly holds the liquid, however, someone’s unfamiliar face is on it.

  • Paid merch

Now it is very popular among online bloggers – this is how they monetize their popularity. But as gifts, merchandising feels at its best. It’s still fun to give a friend a real T-shirt of their favorite player for their birthday.

But the main trick is precisely that the thing must be necessary, then its necessity will work for the donor.

Competition has increased the number

At the very beginning, merchandise was clothing — T-shirts and caps. Then the dishes went into action — mugs, spoons, plates. And so, with the development of marketing, the list of items increased and, in the end, there was not a single free surface left on which it would be impossible to put the name of the birthday man or the slogan of the company.

The most common carriers of merch are:

  • medical masks
  • clothes and hats
  • shoes
  • bags
  • gadget accessories
  • dishes
  • stationery
  • haberdashery goods

The popularity of the merch is influenced by the age of the recipient, the time of year and the quality of the product.

Merch as a marketing tool

A useful gift is a good way not only to make a person happy, but also to remind yourself, no matter who you are — a relative, a football club or a pizzeria.

Depending on the purpose, merch is divided into the following types.

  1. Gifts. They are relatively inexpensive, but perform an important function — they distinguish a person from the crowd. In general, there are a lot of owners of t-shirts with a picture, and with the image of a rock cafe — a hundred, maybe two. People like to be special and belong to a certain category. In the case of a birthday gift, the person generally becomes the sole owner of an exclusive item. Top clothing brands ask for a lot of money for such a thing, and merch solves the same problem much cheaper.
  2. Increasing sales. Online stores use merch as a ploy to stimulate the growth of the average check. In addition to the purchased goods, inexpensive merch is added, which fits exactly into the logic of an additional purchase. For example, a mug or spoon is given as a gift for a certain amount of tea purchased.
  3. Marketing a new product. If you need to promote a new product that does not fit into the purchase logic, merch also comes to the rescue. So, what if the customer has purchased tea, but he is not interested in computer games? But now he has a cap with the logo of the game, and this saves his head from the heat, regardless of preference.
  4. Establishment of business relations. If representatives of the B2B parties meet for the first time and are going to discuss new cooperation, then the exchange of merch is a good way to make friends and work together. The cost of items and their quality depend on the level of the meeting delegates and the importance of the contact itself.
  5. Promotion. The usefulness and quality of the merchandise carriers allows it to participate in image promotions, regardless of the location of the event and its content. Pneumatic cannons can be used to throw t-shirts to spectators at halftime of a basketball game, and branded umbrellas can be handed out in any weather. And it doesn’t really matter what’s on them.

The craving of any person for a gift is the force on which merchandising rests. The only question is how to use it — for good or for harm (a completely useless inscription can be a useful thing). In any case, in any form, merch is always a gift that is hard to refuse.

Emergency gift help

Most of the items that can be successfully applied with gift images have long been known and successfully used by specialized stores (for example, Galaxate). Despite the simplicity of the idea, for a successful gift it is necessary to show creativity, as well as a sense of taste and tact. Especially when it comes to gifts for veterans.

It makes no sense to reinvent the wheel if you can take a time-tested solution and change it to fit your idea. Then the originality will remain at a high level, and the quality will not suffer.

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