Now Taliban occupied Jalalabad, Kabul cut off from eastern side, smoke seen near US Embassy, ​​Taliban seized Jalalabad, helicopters began landing at US Embassy

Now Taliban occupied Jalalabad, Kabul cut off from eastern side, smoke seen near US Embassy, ​​Taliban seized Jalalabad, helicopters began landing at US Embassy

Now Taliban occupied Jalalabad, Kabul cut off from eastern side, smoke seen near US Embassy, ​​Taliban seized Jalalabad, helicopters began landing at US Embassy


US Chinook helicopter flies over the US Embassy in Kabul

US helicopters land at US Embassy in Kabul after Taliban capture Jalalabad&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • Taliban is taking over in Afghanistan from all sides
  • The Taliban has now captured the city of Jalalabad as well.
  • It is near a major border crossing with Pakistan.

Kabul : With the Taliban taking over the country from all sides, the capital Kabul is increasingly isolated and the extremist group captured Jalalabad on Sunday morning before a complete withdrawal of American and NATO forces from Afghanistan after two decades of fighting. Due to which Kabul is cut off from the eastern part of the country. Smoke was seen billowing out of the US embassy on Sunday, hours after the Taliban took over Jalalabad.

It is being told that after the Taliban’s capture of Jalalabad, American diplomats reached Kabul and burnt some sensitive documents in the embassy there. According to the information received, US helicopters landed at the US Embassy here. Armored SUV vehicles of diplomats were seen coming out near the embassy, ​​along with the continuous movement of aircraft. However, the US government has not given any immediate information about this yet.

People being evacuated from Kabul

Smoke was seen rising near the roof of the embassy, ​​which according to two US military officials, was due to the burning of sensitive documents by diplomats. While the US is ramping up efforts to evacuate its embassy personnel, thousands of civilians are taking shelter in parks and open spaces in Kabul. There was calm in Kabul on Sunday but cash withdrawals from many ATMs were stopped, with hundreds of people gathered outside private banks in the hope of withdrawing their capital.

Passengers walk to the departures terminal of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021. As a Taliban offensive encircles the Afghan capital, there's increasingly only one way out for those fleeing the war, and only one way in for US troops sent to protect American diplomats still on the ground: the airport. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

The Taliban released some pictures online on Sunday morning in which its men can be seen in the governor’s office in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province. The province’s MP Abarullah Murad told the Associated Press that extremists had captured Jalalabad. Apart from Kabul, Jalalabad was the only major city that survived the Taliban’s capture. It is located near a major border crossing with Pakistan.

Now only 7 provinces under the influence of the government

Of the 34 provincial capitals of the country under the control of the central government of Afghanistan, Kabul is the only other seven provincial capitals left. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Saturday that he would not let 20 years of “achievements” go to waste. He said “deliberations” are continuing amid the Taliban attack. He addressed the nation through television on Saturday. It was his first public remarks since the Taliban seized key areas in recent days.

Taliban fighters sit on the back of a vehicle in the city of Herat, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021, after they took this province from Afghan government. The Taliban seized two more provinces and approached the outskirts of Afghanistan's capital. (AP Photo/Hamed Sarfarazi)

The Taliban took control of large parts of Afghanistan in the last week, after which the pressure on the central government of Afghanistan has increased. On the other hand, America, Britain and Canada have sent troops to help their diplomatic staff present there. Afghanistan’s fourth-largest city, Mazar-e-Sharif, was captured by the Taliban on Saturday after an all-out attack, with extremists taking control of entire northern Afghanistan.

‘No place will be left for women’

Two regional military chiefs Atta Mohamed Noor and Abdul Rashid Dostum fled to Uzbekistan on Saturday. Noor wrote on Twitter that the capture of the northern region by the Taliban is a conspiracy. Salima Majri, one of the country’s selected women district governors, told Mazar-e-Sharif before the Taliban took it on Saturday, “There will be no room for women.” With the Taliban taking over the provinces, there would be no women left in the cities. They will be imprisoned inside their homes.

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