OP BNL’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, and stats in May 2021

OP BNL’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, and stats in May 2021

Oussema Elloumi, aka BNL, is a renowned Free Fire content creator on YouTube. He plays in the Middle East server but has garnered a huge fan following worldwide. The player is reputed for his incredible gameplay highlights and clips.

This article looks at his in-game stats and other details as of May 2021.

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BNL’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 297929835.

Lifetime stats

All-time stats
All-time stats

BNL has competed in 25546 squad matches and has stood victorious in 3449, adding up to a win ratio of 13.50%. With 84662 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 3.83.

The internet star has 84 Booyahs in 774 duo matches, leading to a win rate of 10.85%. He has eliminated 1443 foes and maintained a K/D ratio of 2.09.

The YouTuber has featured in 1248 solo games and has remained unbeaten in 78 of those for a win rate of 6.25%. He has 2406 frags at a K/D ratio of 2.06.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

The content creator has participated in 2394 squad games and has clinched 199 of those, having a win ratio of 8.31%. He has racked up 6412 kills, sustaining a K/D ratio of 2.92.

The streamer has played one solo and one duo match but is yet to score a win or secure a frag.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.

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YouTube channel

The oldest Free Fire-related video was uploaded to BNL’s channel back in June 2019, and since then, he has been actively creating content around the fast-paced battle royale title.

He has crossed 6.47 million subscribers and accumulated around 426 million views in total. Of these, 290k subscribers and 22 million views have been added in the last 30 days.

Readers can click here to visit his channel.

Social media handles

Instagram: Click here

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