Effect of deadly corona virus on kidney, claim Italian doctors, Effect of deadly corona virus on kidney, claim Italian doctors

Effect of deadly corona virus on kidney, claim Italian doctors, Effect of deadly corona virus on kidney, claim Italian doctors

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Italian researchers claim, corona virus affects kidney&nbsp


  • Many patients with COVID-19 also have Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in which kidney function is affected.
  • The study is from Italy, but doctors in India say they see similar cases.
  • Most cases are grade 1 in which there is mild loss of function to the kidneys that quickly recovers, with some cases becoming severe.

Corona virus attacks from ambush and we are all aware of its effect. The intensity of the second wave of Corona has now decreased by 86 percent. But there are many people who are facing different types of problems. Recently, doctors in Italy have told after research that post covid kidney is being affected. Research was done on 307 people admitted to the hospital of Modena University in Italy and after that it was concluded that the corona virus is affecting the kidneys. In this regard on 1st July 2021 US National Library of Medicine The journal has also been published in

Corona virus and AKI
To evaluate the incidence, risk factors and case-mortality of AKI in patients with COVID-19. They found that out of 307 (22.4%) COVID-19 patients, 69 had been diagnosed with AKI. Although not all patients had it in severe form. If AKI were to be classified, stage 1, 2, or 3 AKIs accounted for 57.9%, 24.6%, and 17.3%, respectively. Most AKI patients were aged 70+. These patients showed higher serum levels of key markers of inflammation and a higher rate of severe pneumonia than non-AKI patients.

Impact of deadly corona virus?

  1. Kidney injury was associated with higher rates of urinary abnormalities.
  2. Proteinuria (leakage of protein in the urine)
  3. Microscopic hematuria (blood in the urine)
  4. Doctors performed hemodialysis in 7.2% of those affected with kidney involvement. Of these subjects, 33.3% of those who survived COVID-19 infection did not recover kidney function after AKI.

effect on kidney
Doctors also found that the risk factors that increased the likelihood of suffering a kidney injury were advanced age, more men than women, people with a history of chronic kidney disease (CKD), and higher non-kidneys. SOFA score of .
(The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score is the individual score for each organ to determine the progression of organ dysfunction.)

56.5 percent higher risk of death in AKI
The risk of death for patients who developed AKI was as high as 56.5%. Doctors say that if a patient already has kidney disease, then he should immediately be brought to the notice of the treating doctors. The doctor can then decide whether the patient can be managed conservatively or a more thorough protocol of treatment is needed. Dr Kanav Anand, Pediatrician at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi said that whether to do dialysis or not, the doctor will do this after evaluating the blood and urine reports.

Dr Anand did not give any figures, but said that similar cases have been seen in India too, but most people can be treated with treatment. The study warned that AKI was a common and harmful consequence of COVID-19. It manifested with urinary abnormalities (proteinuria, microscopic hematuria) and confers an increased risk for death. Given the well-known short-term sequence of AKI, prevention of kidney injury is imperative in this vulnerable group of patients.

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