Pak NGOs | Pak NGOs raised funds to help India in COVID-19 crisis, likely to be used in terror

Pak NGOs | Pak NGOs raised funds to help India in COVID-19 crisis, likely to be used in terror

Pak NGOs raised funds to help India in COVID-19 crisis, likely to be used in terror

Anti-India activity of NGOs linked to Pakistan.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspANI


  • America’s Disinfo Lab has prepared a report named ‘Kovid-19 Scam 2021’
  • The organization says that in the name of helping Indians from organizations associated with Pakistan, raise funds
  • The report fears that the fund will reach terrorists and extremist organizations.

Washington : Anti-India thinking of Pakistani army can never change. She keeps promoting anti-India activities in one way or the other. Now a shocking disclosure has been made about him in the US report. This US report states that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) associated with Pakistan have raised funds in the name of helping Indians during the Corona crisis. However, there is a high chance that the funds will be used to ‘promote performance and sponsor terrorist attacks’.

American organization prepared a report named ‘Kovid-19 Scam 2021’
A US-based organization named DisInfo Lab has prepared a detailed report named ‘Kovid-19 Scam 2021’. The organization has described it as ‘one of the worst scams in human history’. The organization says that millions of dollars in money raised under the name ‘Helping India Breathe’ have been stolen and funds have been misappropriated. The second wave of the Corona epidemic has caused massive destruction in India. To provide relief to the people from this crisis, people from all over the world sent financial help in the form of donation. However, this disaster was seen by some NGOs as an opportunity to earn money. These organizations raised funds illegally through charities in the name of Indians.

India’s image was misused to raise funds
Disinfo Lab says that in the past decades, India has earned its reputation in the world. The countries of the world see India as an honest and mature country, but these charity organizations misused the image of India to collect money for themselves. The report said that these charity organizations have close links with extremist Islamist and terrorist organizations. These extremist and terrorist organizations are being run with the connivance of Pakistan Army.

Accountability not fixed on the funds raised
The organization says that one of these charity organizations is the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA). According to the report, this organization collected crores of money from well-known people of the world in the name of helping Indians, but this huge amount has been stolen. It has been said in the report that there is no system to fix the accountability of where such a huge amount has gone.

IANA works in the field of medicine
IMANA works in the field of medicine in the US. It was established in the year 1967 as Islamic Medical Association but later its name was changed to IMANA. However, this institution has been considered transparent about its functioning. It has also given details on grants and expenses raised during the coronavirus crisis. The current President of IMANA is Dr. Ismail Mehr. He has been the leader of the ‘Help India Breathe’ project.

Launched the #HelpIndiaBreathe campaign on Instagram
IMANA started discussions last month to raise funds for Indians. The organization launched the #HelpIndiaBreathe campaign on Instagram on 27 April 2021. Initially, a target of raising 1.8 crores was set under this campaign. It is quite interesting that IMANA does not have any offices, brands or representatives in India. Despite this, this organization campaigned aggressively to raise funds in the name of helping Indians.

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