SBMM in Arena Mode, Code 408 error, major bugs, and more

SBMM in Arena Mode, Code 408 error, major bugs, and more

Respawn Entertainment recently released an update for Season 9, and it has changed matchmaking in Apex Legends. Players took to Twitter to report that SBMM in Arena mode has rendered the Apex Legends matchmaking system helpless.

The popularity of Arena Mode caused server issues as a huge number of players tried to log in simultaneously, causing the servers to crash and stopping them from experiencing the new game mode.

Chin Xiang Chong, the lead designer of Respawn Entertainment, recently tweeted about the Arena mode. He wrote,

“All clear now. Have fun in the Arenas!” Also, instead of harassing our wonderful cast @erikaishii @JustineHuxley etc., you should harass me. I am 100% to be blamed for everything that goes wrong. If I don’t respond, though – that’s because I’m too busy helping fix the problem! :)“

Apex Legends Matchmaking: Code 408 error, major bugs, and more

The old bug harkens back to Titalfall 2, and it’s destroying the Apex Legends Matchmaking experience.

Since the new Apex Legends Legacy update, a ‘Code 408’ error has disrupted the matchmaking process. A ‘Code 408’ error results in an immediate disconnection from the game. Unlike some other errors, a simple restart of the game may not fix it.

After the new update, there was an issue with the marketplace and the character selection process as well. Players were unable to select the Legends that they wanted. They could only pick someone from a much smaller roster.

The unlocks and Apex coins were also missing. This meant that players were unable to buy anything. Marketplace services were struggling as a whole.

Also, players were unable to view the Battlepass due to temporary display issues and inventory errors.

Respawn Entertainment recently fixed the issues and tweeted about them.

The publisher also tweeted that Legacy is officially live now. Players can finally play without experiencing any further issues as of now.

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