‘Shahid Was Just 3.5 Years Old’

‘Shahid Was Just 3.5 Years Old’

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neliima Azeem has opened up about her divorce from her first husband, Pankaj Kapur. She mentioned that at that time her son Shahid was just three-and-a-half years old and that it impacted him majorly. Also Read – Neelima Azeem Says Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter Travelled by Buses to Understand Struggle | Exclusive

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Neliima Azeem mentioned that Pankaj had moved to Mumbai from Delhi before Shahid was born and that she was taken care of by her parents during her pregnancy. “Shahid was born in Delhi, while I was staying with my parents because Pankaj had already left much earlier. At the time when I had conceived, before we knew, he had already shifted to Bombay and he wanted to try his luck in films and television. I had supported him because I thought he was a very talented young man who deserves to explore his full potential. I was actually taken care of by my parents and my brother throughout my pregnancy. Later also, when Shahid was born, we were with my parents in their home,” she said. Also Read – Mira Rajput Reveals ‘Millennial Mom Fail’ Moment, Husband Shahid Kapoor Cannot Stop Laughing

Neliima further mentioned that while the separation and divorce made a huge difference for Shahid and that she raised him as a single parent following her divorce in 1984. “Pankaj and I never had a home together. Shahid was used to staying with us there in Delhi. It wasn’t as if he stayed with his father and then he had to shift out. He was in the same surroundings he always was in, from the time he was born. It didn’t make such a huge difference to him but of course, separation and divorce make a difference. He was very young and secondly, he was in the same ambiance and family structure as he used to be,” she added. Also Read – Shahid Kapoor Feels ‘Extra Pressure’ After Team Jersey Wins 67th National Film Awards, Congratulates in Hilarious Post

In the interview, Neelima also talked about Shahid’s wife and her daughter-in-law Mira Rajput. Praising her, Neelima said that Mira is a binding force that holds their family together. “Mira had given me the tag of ‘cool mother-in-law’. She repeats it often and she also puts it everywhere. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction. And I feel happy about myself. What could be better than you have another child suddenly? It’s just like a gift,” she said.

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