Such a word came out of the mouth of the swimmer mckeown that everyone was surprised

Such a word came out of the mouth of the swimmer mckeown that everyone was surprised

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Such a word came out of the mouth of the swimmer McCain that everyone was shocked (Credit-

Sometimes some moments become special and happiness cannot be hidden. But if something comes out of the mouth which the civilized society does not consider good, then shame has to be raised. Australian swimmer Kylie McCain set a new record in the 100m backstroke swim by clocking 57.47s at the Tokyo Olympics. When the reporter questioned his success, the word F…k came out of his mouth, although he immediately realized that something was wrong and immediately corrected. But social media had got the spice. There was a tremendous reaction on social media on this statement of McCain.

Australian swimmer Kylie McCain is one athlete at this year’s Olympics who hasn’t held back her enthusiasm after winning the gold medal. Interviewer Nathan Templeton asked McCain if she wanted to send a message to her mother and sister. What do you like to say to your mom and your sister?” asked Templeton. At that moment. The swimmer didn’t hold back and said: “F**k said. But saying ‘o shit’ immediately covered his face.

The moment has now gone viral on Twitter and other social media portals. Netizens congratulated the swimmer, with many saying it was okay to drop an ‘F’ bomb with enthusiasm after winning Olympic gold. McKewan, who lost his father last year, spoke of winning the gold medal before an X-rated reply.

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This is definitely something that people dream of. Something I’ve dreamed of. To make it a reality… really amazing. I am just grateful that I have a good support team. Before the race some people came and said just have full faith in the world that you got it.

What did her mom Sharon think of the X-rated answer? Sharon Tells Channel 7 That Swearing On TV!? I’ll say that one word later. It is not submerged. I am very happy and excited. I can’t wait to hug him. McCain’s sister Taylor also expressed her happiness. She said it was amazing. I don’t even have words. I can’t talk. I really can’t talk. I am so happy for her. She looks gorgeous on TV too.

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