Taliban In Afganishtan. Who are the thousands of contractors on whom the fear of Taliban shadow will be punished for supporting America!

Taliban In Afganishtan. Who are the thousands of contractors on whom the fear of Taliban shadow will be punished for supporting America!

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  • About 20,000 contractors worked in Afghanistan for the US and NATO forces.
  • The contractor has also been responsible for internal security in large areas of Afghanistan.
  • Contractors fear that the Taliban could put them to death by supporting the US and NATO forces.

New Delhi: Afghanistan has been occupied by Taliban. And there is an atmosphere of chaos. Everyone is afraid of what the Taliban will do to them in the coming days. But there are the most scared and scared contractors. Who was once a companion of the US and NATO forces. The situation is such that they feel that they will be put to death for supporting America. That is why he wants to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.

who are the contractors

Sunil Pant, Independent Director at Ghaznafar Bank, Afghanistan, spoke to Times Now Navbharat Digital about the work and fears of these contractors in detail. According to Pant, there used to be about 20 thousand contractors in Afghanistan at one time. Those who have been looking after the responsibility of internal security. Also, interpreters for the US and NATO forces, used to do other work including air craft maintenance. Their dress is also very different. He either wears an army jacket or wears army pants. That is, he wears a part of the army dress. In such a situation, his identity becomes known from afar. This includes local people as well as people from other countries.

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There was agreement to give special visa

When the Taliban began to take over Afghanistan, these contractors feared that the Taliban would put them to death if they came to power. In view of this, the US and NATO forces made an agreement with these contractors. Under which they will be given special immigration visa. According to which all countries will give visas in proportion to the number of their contractors. However, the condition of verification for this was a bit strict. In such a situation, it may take more time for them to get the visa. That’s their problem. Because Taliban can punish such people. Who has supported the Americans and NATO countries. However, a Taliban spokesperson has said in the press conference that we will not take out enmity with anyone. And forgive all Afghans.

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What does the US report say

According to the report of the US Department of Defense, between April and July, about half of the contractors are left. According to the report, in April 2021, about 17000 contractors were working in the US. Which has remained 7800 by the end of July. It is clear that America has rapidly removed these contractors from Afghanistan. But still about 10 thousand contractors are there. In such a situation, their only problem is, what is the Taliban going to do next?

Ashraf Ghani also fears

When the Taliban reached very close to Kabul, the then President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fled the country. He released the video yesterday from the United Arab Emirates saying that he left the country to stop the slaughter in Afghanistan. He feared that his condition would be similar to that of former President Najibullah. Najibullah was openly hanged after the Taliban captured Kabul in 1996.

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