The world engulfed in Corona crisis, China ran the fastest train, named Maglev, speed 600 KMPH, maglev train: World’s first 600 km / h high-speed train rolls off in China

The world engulfed in Corona crisis, China ran the fastest train, named Maglev, speed 600 KMPH, maglev train: World’s first 600 km / h high-speed train rolls off in China

maglev train : World's first 600 km/h high-speed train rolls off in China

The fastest train in China. photo-global times&nbsp


  • China has started a train running at a speed of 600 km per hour.
  • The speed of high speed train in China is currently around 350 kmph.
  • It now takes 10 hours to reach Shanghai from Shenzhen, now this distance will be covered in 2.5 hours

New Delhi : While all the attention of the countries of the world is focused on the ways to manage and deal with the Corona crisis, while China is busy writing a new story of its progress. He already has mastery in running a bullet train, now he has set a new record in setting the speed of the train. China has made such a superfast train whose speed is 600 kilometers per hour. China has named this train Maglev. He says that it is the fastest train in the world. China gave a new gift to its public transport by starting this train on Tuesday in Qingdao, China’s eastern state of Shandong.

It will take 2.5 hours to reach Shanghai from Shenzhen
According to the report of China’s official mouthpiece ‘Global Times’, the speed of high-speed trains in China is about 350 km / h and the speed of airplanes is 800 km / h. This train will fill the gap between these two. Apart from this, this train will help in fulfilling the blueprint that China has prepared to create a comprehensive transport network in the country by 2035. Citing the report of CRRC, ‘Global Times’ has written that this is the fastest train ever to run on land. This train will now run within a radius of 1,500 km. It takes just 10 hours to reach Shanghai from Shenzhen, China by train, but it will cover this distance in 2.5 hours by running this train on this route.

China improved train technology
China has greatly improved its technology to make this superfast train. The brake system of this train is 30 percent more efficient and efficient than before. The brakes in this new maglev train can now be applied from a distance of 10 km instead of 16 km. According to the report, China started its maglev train project in October 2016. He made a prototype of it in the year 2019 and did a trial run in June 2020. After this, after further technical improvements, it was tested for six months.

China has the world’s largest high-speed rail network
China has the largest high-speed rail network in the world. This rail network passes through 95 percent of the country. The total length of the railway network in China is 146,300 km by the end of 2020. The communist country wants to increase this capacity to 200,000 km.

Japan, France also ahead
Apart from China, there are many other countries which are ahead in terms of speed train or bullet train. As far as safety is concerned, bullet trains of Japan and France are more preferred. Train service is more prevalent in the countries of Europe and Asia. If we talk about other countries except China, then Japan, France and South Korea are ahead in this area. Some countries of the world are far ahead in running speed trains-

374 MPH train will run in Japan
Japan is testing its LO series train here. The speed of this train will be 374 MPH. This train will run between Tokyo and Nagoya. It is understood that this train will start in 2027.

agt italo
This high speed train started in Italy in 2012. This train runs at a speed of 360 kmph. This train operates on the Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Bologna and Milano corridors.

Spain’s Velaro E
There is a Velaro E high speed train in Spain. This train runs at an average speed of 350 kmph. This train serves the Barcelona-Madrid line. This train has been running in Spain since June 2007.

Where is India in terms of speed train
India is still far behind in terms of running speed trains. The fastest train in India is Vend Bharat. It can reach a speed of 180 km/h. This train operates on Delhi-Varanasi route. Its speed on this route remains 130 kilometers per hour. After this Gatimaan Express is the second speed train running between New Delhi-Agra. Its maximum speed is 160 kilometers per hour. The New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express is also considered to be a fast train. It reaches a speed of 91 kmph between New Delhi-Bhopal. It was the fastest train in the country till the arrival of Gatimaan Express.

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