Top 3 most-awaited battle royale games for mobile devices

Top 3 most-awaited battle royale games for mobile devices

Battle royale games are becoming more popular every day. The intense battles and the thrill of being the last person surviving has a certain charm to it that players cannot overlook.

Much to the delight of battle royale enthusiasts, there are three good games belonging to this genre that will be released soon.

Even if the release dates are not revealed, players are looking forward to these.

Top 3 most-awaited battle royale games for mobile devices

These are three of the most-awaited battle royale games for mobile devices:

#1 – PUBG New State

Many battle royale gamers have dubbed this game PUBG 2.0. This brand-new game will be set in a futuristic backdrop where players can use ultra-modern weapons to put an end to their enemies.

The game will be set in the year 2051, and players will land on a map named Troi to fight for their survival. Pre-registration for the title has started, and players can click here to pre-register.

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#2 – Apex Legends Mobile

Image via EA
Image via EA

This battle royale game encourages team-play, and players will have to make a group of three and fight along with 19 other squads for ultimate survival. The title also has a wide range of Legends to choose from.

The beta version of the game was released in India a few days ago and is set to be released in the Philippines later this month. To pre-register, players can click here.

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#3 – Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile, named Battlegrounds Mobile India, has come up with a new teaser. The game has come up with a new privacy policy and terms of service that have gotten the internet talking.

In order to safeguard players’ information, the developers have decided to store data on servers in India and Singapore only. The game will have restrictions on the time and spending of underage players.

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