How to get hidden Moreau weapon in Resident Evil Village

How to get hidden Moreau weapon in Resident Evil Village

The M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum, also known as Moreau’s weapon in Resident Evil Village, is one of the special guns in the game and also counts as a treasured collectible.

The M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum is one of the must-have weapons in Resident Evil Village. However, finding the weapon can be fairly tricky as players will need to defeat Salvatore Moreau’s boss form.

Although defeating Moreau’s boss form can be fairly difficult, the struggle is definitely worth it.

This article features a detailed rundown of how players can claim Moreau’s hidden weapon in Resident Evil Village.

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Moreau’s hidden M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum in Resident Evil Village

To have a better chance at defeating Moreau in Resident Evil Village, here are a few tips that players should remember during the fight:

  • Players are advised to use as many explosives as they can to deal damage to Moreau from a distance.
  • Players are also advised to disengage from the combat and take shelter when taking heavy damage from Moreau.
  • Players are highly advised to stock up heavily on ammunition so that they do not run out of firepower in the middle of the confrontation.

Once the player manages to defeat Moreau’s boss form, they will be shown a route through the caves. Players will also be able to find a gold chest icon marked on their map’s radar.

After finding their way back to the surface, players will find a gate that was previously inaccessible. However, the gate becomes accessible thanks to the crank obtained by defeating Moreau’s boss form.

Opening this gate will present a new path that leads back to the village. Players will need to return to the village using this path. While on their way to the village using this newly discovered path, players will have to search the chest that they find on the way.

This poorly hidden chest on the path from the boss fight against Moreau to the village is where players will find Moreau’s iconic M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum in Resident Evil Village.

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