TV show upcoming 5 TV Serial spoiler update: Aditya will rebel for Tamarind, know the twists of 5 TV shows including Anupama-Gum kisi Pyaar Mein, TV show upcoming spoiler update ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin To Anupamaa

TV show upcoming 5 TV Serial spoiler update: Aditya will rebel for Tamarind, know the twists of 5 TV shows including Anupama-Gum kisi Pyaar Mein, TV show upcoming spoiler update ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin To Anupamaa

TV show upcoming spoiler update ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin To Anupamaa

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  • Aditya rebels for tamarind
  • Pakhi will come again between Virat and Sai
  • New twists will come in TV serials

Aditya rebels for tamarind
Big family drama will now be seen in the TV serial Imli. Anu (Jyoti Gauba) has actually sown the seeds to fuel Aditya’s (Gashmir Mahajani) anger. As we know, Anu manages to reveal the news of Aditya and Imli’s (Sumbul Tauqeer) secret relationship before even revealing it to the family of Aditya and Imli. This news will come as a big shock to the Tripathi family and they will not be able to digest this fact. The family will refuse to accept Tamarind as their daughter-in-law. Now in the upcoming episode Aditya is going to rebel. Aditya will raise his voice for refusing to leave Tamarind. He will refuse to obey the orders of his family. Aditya would like to be with Tamarind because he loves her. Not only this, Aditya will break chairs in a rebellious mood. By lighting a small fire in the house, Aditya will take Tamarind’s hand for seven rounds and will marry her again. Will the family accept Aditya and Imli’s actions? Will be interesting to see.

Seerat’s husband will die!
In the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Chauhan (Shahbaz Khan) is trying his best to weed out Seerat (Shivangi Joshi) from the life of his son Ranveer (Karan Kundra). However, fate is making way for a major turning point in Chauhan’s life, it seems to us. Soon he will be on the verge of losing his young son!! Yes, the track of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is slowly and steadily moving towards Ranveer’s death. As we know, Ranveer has undergone surgery and is unwell. Seerat is taking care of her. Soon she will cough up blood and vomit blood. This will pose a great danger to him. Everyone will be stunned to see this happen. Earlier a Banjaran had predicted the future of Seerat that how she would get her love in life and whose first letter would be K. Now it looks like this is going to happen. Luck will soon drive Ranveer away from his love Seerat!!

Kavya will use Samar against Anupama
The upcoming episode of popular serial Anupama will see an interesting twist. Earlier it was seen that Rakhi comes to meet the Shah family as she has got the news of Mr and Mrs Shah Vanraj-Kavya being unemployed. Anupama and the rest of the Shah family are shocked while Rakhi loves to do drama and enjoy free entertainment. Anupama takes pity on both Vanraj and Kavya and tries to empathize with them. While selfish Kavya blames Anupama and blames her for all the bad and wrong things in her life. Even though Kavya speaks badly about Anupama and humiliates her but Anupama only cares for Kavya. Rakhi thus hates the drama of Anupama’s greatness. Here Kavya got her new mission against Anupama. However, Kavya does not want Vanraj to do so as she fears that he will return to Anupama’s life through a business partnership. When Kavya learns that Samar does not like Anupama and Vanraj’s partnership. Now Kavya decides to use Samar. Samar says that the same Vanraj Shah broke Anupama’s ghungroo once, insulted her dancing talent and left her for another woman. Now how can Anupama help the same Vanraj. Kavya will target Samar for using her frustration against Anupama. It will be interesting to see how dangerous this new plan of Kavya will be.

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Pakhi will come again between Virat and Sai
Virat’s expression of love for Sai in the TV show Gum Hai Kisi Ki Pyaar Mein is going to be spoiled. Pakhi is already annoyed by Sai making Bhavani, Ninad and Omkar dance to her tune. Meanwhile, Pakhi’s anger boils down when Virat plans a birthday surprise for her. Pakhi is not ready to let Virat and Sai get closer. When she learns that Virat is planning to confess his love for Sai, Paakhi plans to spoil the party at any cost. Paakhi is ready with her dirty plan to ruin Sai’s birthday party. As Pakhi turns out to be a party pooper only to ruin Virat’s plan. Virat has convinced everyone including Kaku for the party. Pakhi gets unhappy with Virat’s special party for Sai as she wants Virat to love only her. It will be interesting to see what happens next in the show.

Will show you the search for your love
Your eyes understood that Darshan (Vijayendra Kumeria) will be very happy to get his eyesight back. He will be eager to see Nandini (Richa Rathore). Charmi (Aditi Rathore) will come in front of Darsh and he will assume her as Nandini. Rawal will request Charmi to play along and accept the fact that she is Nandini until Darsh gets better with health. Charmi, who is also pregnant with Shobhit’s child, will feel safe with Rawal. Life will change for Darsh with happiness all around. However, whenever Darsha goes to Nandini (Charmi), he won’t get that old vibe from her. When he is with her, he will not even feel love. Darshan will be surprised to think in his mind that why he is not able to express his feelings openly despite being in front of Nandini. How will Darsh tackle this problem? Will he be able to find out who the real Nandini is?

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