Viral: Lion wanders on Cambodia streets Video goes viral on social media

Viral: Lion wanders on Cambodia streets Video goes viral on social media

Lion wanders on Cambodia streets Video goes viral

The lion was roaming like this on the road&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspTwitter


  • The lion was roaming freely on the streets
  • video viral on social media
  • Many people are condemning the incident

Lion Viral Video: Usually animals live in the forests or they are kept in the zoo for the entertainment of the people. Especially when it comes to big and ferocious animals, they are kept very carefully. But, a case has emerged from Cambodia which has shocked everyone. The ‘King of the Jungle’ was seen roaming freely on the streets here. Users are sharing photos and videos on different platforms of social media. After seeing this sight, people are surprised and are also raising questions.

People’s condition worsens only after hearing the name of the ‘King of the Jungle’ i.e. lion. In such a situation, if he starts roaming freely in urban areas, what will be the condition of the people? Obviously, the condition of the people will become ‘thin’. But, something similar has been seen in Cambodia. Here a lion is seen roaming freely on the streets. Andrew McGregor Marshall shared this picture on Twitter. Apart from this, a user named @Mgebremedhin has also shared the video on Twitter. So first you see the post…

shadow case on social media

As soon as this post was shared on Twitter, it went viral on social media. People started sharing this picture and video continuously. In this episode, a user wrote that this is the same lion, which was caught by Cambodian authorities in a villa in the capital Phnom Penh after a TikTok video with the animal went viral. Later that lion was taken to the rescue center. But, later the Chinese national Qi Xiao, the owner of the lion, repeatedly appealed to the government to return his lion to him. After which that lion was returned. But, once again this lion is becoming a problem for the people. People say that how long will the lion be kept in the house as a pet. It is completely unsafe and people are also at great risk from it.

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