Warzone developers tease John McClane in Season 3

Warzone developers tease John McClane in Season 3

Hot on the heels of the “Rambo” teaser dropped by the Call of Duty Twitter account, a new teaser suggests that Die Hard’s John McClane will be joining Warzone.

Complete with references to Nakatomi Plaza and a registered domain for “Nakatomi Duct Cleaning,” players can anticipate copious Die Hard-themed content and potentially John McClane’s arrival in Warzone Season 3.

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John McClane teased for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3

Referencing Nakatomi Plaza and John McClane’s vent diving in Die Hard, Call of Duty’s Twitter mentioned that “Nakatomi Duct Cleaning” is coming to Verdansk. Following the link to the website leads players to a description of “Nakatomi Duct Cleaning” and a clear reference to John McClane’s infamous line “Yipee Ki Yay!” from the “Die Hard” movie.

The description on the website reads:

“CHOOSE US FOR COMMERCIAL AC REPAIR IN VERDANSK. Does heat have your employees dying hard? Keep your workplace cool with help from Nakatomi Duct Cleaning. Our world class team is experienced in squeezing through even the smallest of air ducts, crawling until they find the sources of each problem and systematically eliminate them one by one. Contact us for all your needs in Verdansk and ask about our Christmas party discounts.”

Following the “Rambo” teaser, Warzone seems to be keeping the 80’s theme of Season 3 alive, with hints of popular culture icons joining the roster.

While it has not been mentioned explicitly that John McClane is joining the game, the references are enough to set off speculation that Nakatomi Plaza could be added to the game as well. Warzone fans will have to wait patiently until more information surfaces.

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