Weak Immunity Signs And Solution: Weak Immunity Solution: These symptoms indicate weak immunity, know how to treat it, Health Tips Weak Immunity Signs And Solution

Weak Immunity Signs And Solution: Weak Immunity Solution: These symptoms indicate weak immunity, know how to treat it, Health Tips Weak Immunity Signs And Solution

Health Tips Weak Immunity Signs And Solution

Weak Immunity Health Tips &nbsp


  • Frequently suffering from stomach related diseases indicates weak immunity.
  • Due to the weakening of the immune system, there is a delay in wound healing, in such a situation, do a blood test once.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption weakens the immune system.

The corona pandemic has made people very conscious about their immunity. To protect against corona and beat this epidemic, it is very important to have a strong immune system. In such a situation, everyone is engaged in strengthening the immune system. Some are drinking turmeric milk and some are consuming decoction, Giloy and Chyawanpras daily. At the same time, most people have made yoga and exercise an important part of their daily routine. New guidelines are also being issued by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India to strengthen the immune system.

The immune system protects our body from viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan attacks. It is effective in fighting serious diseases that attack the body. In such a situation, if you are a person who often falls ill or feels tired, then it shows your weak immune system. We bring you 6 symptoms that indicate your weak immune system.

suffer from stomach ailments

Let us tell you that about 70 percent of the immune system is in our stomach, which is effective in fighting bacteria, viruses, fungi, such as toxins. And it helps in strengthening and increasing immunity. In such a situation, the risk of autoimmune diseases increases during the weakening of the immune system. Due to which you may suffer from the problem of vomiting, diarrhea, constipation-gas.


To strengthen the immune system, take special care of diet and lifestyle. For this, consume more and more food and drinks rich in nutrients. And try to include a sufficient amount of probiotic and fermented food, which helps in the production of good bacteria.

wound healing time

The immune system helps the wound heal and dry it out by producing new cells, creating bacteria to help the wound heal. However, if your immune response is not strong, your wound will take longer to heal. If there is a wound somewhere in your body and it does not heal quickly, then it is a sign of low immunity.


The immune system present in the blood helps in wound healing and helps in the formation of new cells. In such a situation, regularly consume adequate amounts of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc. Our body needs collagen from vitamins. And vitamins C and D help in wound healing.

feeling tired

If you are feeling tired even after getting enough sleep, it definitely indicates a weakening of the immune system. At the same time, lack of sleep and weakness and dark circles under the eyes are also a sign of a weak immune system.


Let us tell you that regular yoga and exercise are beneficial for the heart and help in increasing the flow of energy in the body. It not only helps in strengthening our nervous system but also stimulates the thyroid glands, thereby eliminating fatigue and lethargy.

suffering from seasonal diseases

According to a research, adults get an average of two to three colds in a year. In such a situation, if you are repeatedly exposed to seasonal diseases, then it indicates your weak immunity. This is due to changes in diet and lifestyle. Let us tell you that smoking and alcohol intoxication also weakens the immune system, which increases the risk of respiratory diseases.


If you smoke or drink alcohol, then quit it soon, because the chemical found in cigarettes weakens the immune system. It gives rise to dreadful diseases like respiratory and cancer. And set a right time for eating and sleeping. Changes in diet and lifestyle also weaken the immune system.

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anxiety and stress

Let us tell you that more anxiety and stress releases corticosteroids in the body, which affects the immunity of our body by reducing the number of lymphocytes. According to a research, due to stress and anxiety, people mostly start smoking and consuming alcohol.


Take advice from a psychiatrist. Consult a psychiatrist to get rid of stress and anxiety, and stress can be reduced by sharing your concerns with family and friends. Also, eat a balanced diet regularly and include yoga and exercise in your daily routine. At the same time, let us tell you that laughter is a great medicine to reduce stress. According to medical science, during laughing, anti-viral cells are formed rapidly in our body and our immunity system is strengthened.

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