What is a French drainage system and why is it installed?

What is a French drainage system

A french drainage (or gutter) system helps in the collection of rainwater and acts as an effective drainage method by removing water from the street through pipes. There are two common types of drains, open-hole, and closed-hole which are mainly used for domestic purposes. The size, type, and location of the drainage system are decided by the manufacturer and it depends on each individual’s needs. Drainages generally vary from 4 feet to 20 feet wide and 1/4 inch to 3 inches deep and up to 30 feet long. It helps keep the environment clean and prevents floods aswell.

What makes them work effectively?

Drainage systems help contain flooding and provide a safe place for residents. These  french drain  make the streets hygienic and also ensure that any water that comes out of your roof drains away and doesn’t enter other people’s yards. They collect rainfall from all parts of the city and the surrounding area. This leads to less runoff and it becomes easier to control floods. They work efficiently and cost-effectively because you have to pay only for the water collected. Another benefit is that these systems provide better drainage and there isn’t a chance of blockages. You must ensure that this is done well and with proper maintenance and repairs. That way you won’t experience any issues like leaks or damage which could ruin your floors or walls.

How do they work?

Drainage systems work by collecting rainwater. This happens when you pour rain down from the top of your walls and it gets absorbed easily and quickly. As time passes on, rain continues to fall on it causing more rainwater to accumulate. Your drains are designed in such a manner that the amount of accumulated water decreases with every drop. Even if you only put in the right amounts of hose, drain pump, garbage disposal system, etc., you will still receive enough water to supply your home at least once in three months.

Why do we install them?

French Drainage Systems are being increasingly installed in many homes all across the country as it helps in controlling flooding and providing a safe place for residents. These systems make the streets hygienic and ensure that the water that comes out of your roof drains away and it does not enter other people’s yards. So these systems collect rainfall from all parts of the city and the surrounding area. In addition, these waterproofing services in toronto  make the streets have better drainage and they reduce chances of blockages and overflowing to a minimum. People don’t face any problem of blocked drains since these systems collect all the rainwater and it goes away without any delay. Therefore, everyone can experience safety while using street drains and it also helps reduce costs associated with repairing the water-damaged property.


French Drainage systems help in the collection of rainwater and are helpful in removing water from the ground. Proper maintenance and repair can make these systems more efficient and effective. They also help avoid overflows and reduce floodwater when rains occur. Apart from this, the efficiency of these systems plays a big role too as they can collect more water. All these factors play their roles in making these systems very useful to both the owner and the person installing them. So they are essential and are worth allocating some money to install.