What Support Options Should a Top Casino Provide?

What Support Options Should a Top Casino Provide?

You may not believe that you’ll ever need to contact customer support at a casino. After all, the very best online casinos should run flawlessly, right? As it happens, even the best casinos and players may sometimes need a bit of help. There can always be questions and queries relating to promotions, bonuses, games and more. Here is everything you need to know about the customer support options your chosen top casinos should provide in 2022.

Live Chat – Obviously

Of course, any top casino like Rollers.io is going to offer live support. In 2022, you simply can’t be deemed a top site if you don’t offer fast, free live chat assistance to your members. Fortunately, most casinos do. Expect response times of mere minutes (at most) and free support with these increasingly popular options. Watch out for those sites that use bots – chatbots are not the same as live chat and represent a far poorer option.

E-Mail Services

E-mail is one of the most dated, oldest forms of casino support out there. It replaced snail mail immediately after e-mails became the normal way for the community to receive assistance (before chat boxes and messengers). E-mail replies are not as quick as you might like – customer support teams can take up to 24 hours to reply. However, this free option is still in demand, especially as it allows you to attach documents to your e-mail. This makes the option suitable for KYC purposes. E-forms work in largely the same way at some online casinos.

Social Media Assistance

Social media is an everyday part of life now, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see social media support options. Facebook and WhatsApp are the two most common messaging services, although Skype, Twitter and Skype are often available, alongside Telegram and Instagram. The only downside to these support options is that you don’t really want to disclose your private details on these forums, as they are less secure than the casino’s direct support lines.

Telephone or Call-Back Services

For those who still want to speak to someone directly, many top casinos still operate a telephone service. Ideally, you want this to be toll-free. Moreover, you want fast response times. The very best casinos will also provide a call-back service to their members. With these, you can call support and drop them your phone number and a time that is ideal for you. They will then get back to you at that time, meaning you don’t have to wait in line for hours.

FAQ Guides

Finally, FAQ guides are underrated at online casinos. We’ve seen dozens of sites just put together a few questions and answers and think that their work is done. It isn’t. The very casinos’ FAQ guides will span dozens of topics and sections and be fully searchable. You should be able to find anything you need in these guides. However, even a top FAQ is not a like-for-like substitute for a casino support live chat service.