CPEC: What is the meaning of suicide attack against CPEC in Pakistan and what is the meaning of suicide attack in Pakistan?

CPEC: What is the meaning of suicide attack against CPEC in Pakistan and what is the meaning of suicide attack in Pakistan?

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What is the meaning of more suicide attacks against CPEC in Pakistan?&nbsp


  • China is trying to connect its interior areas with the sea through CPEC
  • Passing of CPEC through Pakistan is strategically important for China
  • India has been opposing the CPEC project since the beginning

China Pakistan Economic Corridor i.e. CPEC is an ambitious project of Xi Jinping government which is going through PoK to Gwadar Port. But relations between the two countries have soured after an attack on a convoy of Chinese engineers, officers and employees in the month of August. The latest case is on Friday when a Chinese convoy was attacked in Balochistan in which Chinese personnel were injured and two local boys were killed in it. But the question is why is this happening?

More protests in PoK and Balochistan
If you notice, the first attack on the Chinese convoy took place in PoK and the second attack in Balochistan. Both these areas are such that the people feel that they are under the unauthorized occupation of Pakistan and on the other hand Pakistan is oppressing them with the help of China. Experts say that the way Pakistan is helping China in the construction of CPEC, the people of PoK or Balochistan feel that both their land and conscience have been dealt with, so they protest.

where is gwadar port
First of all, you have to understand about Gwadar Port. Actually this port is near the border of Iran in Balochistan province. China’s access to Gwadar port through CPEC will give it an alternative route to reach Europe or reach West Asia. Along with this, with the formation of CPEC, it will be easier for China to keep an eye on India, so China does not want to stop this project facing various difficulties. Apart from this, billions of dollars have been invested in this project, so it would not be a wise move for China to step back.

what the experts say
Experts say that due to the way Pakistan gave land to China in PoK and Balochistan, there is resentment among the local people. To express that displeasure, he continues to protest in Quetta as he takes to the streets of Muzaffarabad, sometimes violent and targeting Chinese workers. Such news will keep coming from Balochistan and PoK. That’s why you must have seen that Chinese engineers carry out their work by being equipped with AK 47. But the second biggest effect of this will be that in the coming times it will be difficult for Pakistan to convince China.

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