Know the Best Places to Live in Texas

Best Places to Live in Texas

At a GDP of well over $1.9 trillion, Texas has positioned itself as the world’s 9th greatest market and the second-richest state in the US on GDP, close after California. CBRE, Tesla, HP, Oracle, and Amazon have made Texas the core of their US activities in previous years, providing many outstanding employment opportunities. Texas’s best places to live have a specific set of assets and traits. Take this into consideration whether you’re having some trouble selecting which locations in Texas are the nicest to settle in:

  • Living costs
  • Rent and property pricing
  • Percentages of crime and safeness
  • Possibilities for education at all levels
  • Chances for employment
  • Information on transportation and travel
  • Entertainment and traditions

Any beautiful places to live in Texas will suit if you want to open a company, develop your skills, or choose an excellent spot to raise a family. Let’s have a glimpse at them:

Best Places to Live in Texas


The best places to live in Texas continue with the state capital. You can enjoy the best songs in the industry here from SXSW in the march to Austin City Boundaries in the fall and every evening in between on Sixth Street and South Congress. With more than 350 days of sunshine and a mean temperature of 70 °, you will be outside walking, cycling, or enjoying one of the city’s patios if you’re not at a restaurant.

You can also choose from several top enterprises, such as Dell, Whole Markets, Apple, and Tesla.

Since staying in the city’s center isn’t cheap, you might like to increase your research to include surrounding towns. The outstanding feature is that you’ll be able to evade wasting all of your energy in a car because of Austin’s MetroRail network, which spans 34 miles from downtown.



When you can’t decide between Dallas and Fort Worth, think about living in Arlington. Arlington, the often-forgotten junior brother of the enormous DFW region, is precisely among the two cities and surpasses both regarding cost. As per Redfin, the average sale cost of a home in Arlington in November 2021 was $350,000, which is less pricey than either of the older ones.

Arlington is the location of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, two professional football organizations. Apart from supporting your beloved Texas group, the area encompasses the famous South Street Annual Event and a recurrent specialty beer, wine, and drink event.

Though Arlington’s entertainment and restaurant choices are limited, you’re simply a few minutes away from whatever your hunger desires in Dallas or Fort Worth.



Houston is linked to more than 25 Fortune 600 firms, notably Phillips 66, Hewlett Packard, Waste Treatment, and many others, making it the best place to live in Texas to establish or accomplish your goals. If you’re not at employment, there’s no list of resources to do, participating in yearly cultural events, desperately looking for big-league sports teams, and exploring the city to know and understand everything from a historical cowboy past to print.

Though today’s modern Houston is attractive, the town of the coming is projected to become even better and more extensive. As per financial firm Cushman & Wakefield, the city intends to receive more than 1.4 million additional people by 2030.

Best Places to Live in Texas

El Paso

El Paso is a place for excellent Mexican food and rich Hispanic culture, spanning the frontiers of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. Obviously, it may be one of the best places to live in Texas. Homeowners also profit from identical housing discounts.

Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that the town’s limited career prospects can be countered with its modest accessibility. Food, administration, industry, and communication are the major sectors. But while we’re on the issue of travel, consider this: This western-most Texan city is still far, but we mean much further, to any other towns, and is a benefit and a disadvantage for someone else. The nearest important metropolis, San Antonio, is seven hours away. Yet, the town’s above-average education, bustling entertainment, shared culture, and multiculturalism appeal to various people, from families to professionals.


College Station

College Station is a wise option whether you seek a relatively small city in the state where everything is more excellent. Residence to Texas A&M University, this town — including its tiny neighbor, Bryan — offers the opportunity to relish academic activity and evade huge fees.

Eventually, College Station isn’t more prominent in our ranking because the other towns have much more reputable enterprises and job prospects than College Station. Nevertheless, the Brazos Valley location is a must-see, like viewing the Aggies perform, visiting the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra, and touring the George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum and Memorial.


San Antonio

One hundred minutes south of Austin, you’ll reach San Antonio, a more economical metropolis with a favorable outcome. From 2020 and 2024, the Metropolitan San Antonio Macroeconomic Organization expects a 10% increase in employment in biotechnology and medicine, and the city is now becoming a destination for elite technology and cybersecurity expertise.

The town has enough to do, observe, and, perhaps especially, taste, between screaming on the Spurs in NBA activity to wandering the 15-mile beautiful riverwalk downtown. It’s a gastronomic attraction with Mexican and Latin American dishes, traditional Texas barbecue, and other delicacies to fulfill any hunger.

Best Places to Live in Texas


To identify the best places to live in Texas, we conducted research from the state’s metro areas to present a comprehensive view of where you’re best capable of finding work even while having a great time away from the workplace. Whatever makes a place remarkable for you may not even be suitable for somebody else; however, there are some typical elements that mainly everyone seeks while looking for a new home. Please note that this is just an essential foundation for your exploration. There are several outlying areas, towns, and villages in Texas that you can fit in nicely even if you’re searching for a new property to live in. Research the most significant lending institutions in Texas and see who can guide you in getting that dream come true.