Love to Dance? Get Paid to Do So with a Dance and Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification

Aerobics Certification

If you enjoy dancing for fun, why not get paid for doing the same activity? You can help people get fit by getting certified for hip-hop dance activities. Not only does the activity build cardiovascular endurance, it also enables you to increase your flexibility and stay slim at the same time.- Aerobics Certification

That’s because hip-hop allows you to get into shape and stay that way through expressive and creative dance movements. While some people jump rope or others perform jumping jacks for fitness, people who love to dance can get into shape with hip-hop. 

The dance, which began in the late 1960s, was a type of street dance at the time. Hip-hop includes a variety of dance styles–swing, tap, and contemporary dance all combine to make one unique and artistic expression.

Why Dance and Hip-Hop Aerobics Is a Popular Fitness Certification Choice

So, a certification in dance and hip-hop aerobics is one you can use that will help you go far in your fitness-dance career. The once-popular street dance has been featured in videos and on the stage, making it a prominent and popular form of dance entertainment. 

When you teach this form of dance, you’re showcasing a variety of movements – movements you can choreograph for both kids and adults.

While taking the certification training, you will learn all the information pertinent to hip-hop aerobics. Not only will you attain the skills to condition yourself for this form of exercise, you will also learn more about dance mechanics. This will help you teach a class of enthusiastic participants without running a risk for injury.

You’ll Learn Popular Hip Hop Moves

Your learning of hip-hop will include discovering terms unique to the dance as well as reviewing video clips – all which will give you the knowledge needed to create some great exercise and dance routines. Not only will you delve into various movements of dance, you will master specific forms, such as popping or winding

For example, the hip-hop dance form, popping, is a funk configuration used in the early form of California hip-hop in the 1960s. Popping represents a method where the dancer contracts and relaxes their muscles in quick succession, causing a jerk in the body movement called a pop. Popping works in sync with a song’s rhythm and is well-recognized in this type of dance.

Waacking finds its roots in disco, and refers to waving arms. This form of hip-hop sprang up in the 1970s on the West Coast. Its East Coast counterpart is voguing, which is often accompanied by house music – electronic tunes that feature a regular and intense beat. 

As you can see, even though hip-hop consists of various forms, it has prescribed styles – or techniques that are applied to different musical beats and songs. So, if you love to dance, a certification as a hip-hop aerobics instructor is both valuable and versatile.

An Artistic and Cultural Form of Exercise and Dance

Hip-hop aerobics involves more than just improving aerobically, it also entails learning an artistic and cultural form of movement – one that is both physical and aesthetic. That is why this type of exercise is so popular among instructors as well as their students.

Finally: What to Expect from Your Training

Besides getting acquainted with the various movements of hip-hop, your instruction will also allow you to check your hip-hop knowledge through quizzes and chapter reviews. You can use your study materials, after you get certified, to critique students and improve your professional skills as well.