When 10 big revelations happened in The Kapil Sharma Show, from Kajol-Karan Johar to Akshay Kumar-Salman Khan, the secrets came to the fore

When 10 big revelations happened in The Kapil Sharma Show, from Kajol-Karan Johar to Akshay Kumar-Salman Khan, the secrets came to the fore

The Kapil Sharma Show Celebrities 10 Shocking Confession in TKSS

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  • The promo of the new season of The Kapil Sharma Show has been released.
  • Kajol used to love Akshay Kumar, not Ajay Devgan. Karan Johar had revealed in the show.
  • Udit Narayan revealed Kapil’s fees in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Fans are eagerly waiting for The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil Sharma has officially announced that he will be back soon with the new season of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Kapil Sharma has started shooting for new episodes with the entire team. Recently, Kapil Sharma shared some pictures from the shooting location of the show on his social media account. In which apart from him, Kiku, Sharda, Archana Puran Singh, Bharti Singh, Chandan Prabhakar and Krishna Abhishek were seen. On the other hand, Sudesh Lahiri has joined the Kapil Sharma Show. However, this time Sumona Chakraborty is nowhere to be seen.

Before the first picture of the Kapil Sharma team was shared, Sumona wrote a note on social media. However, the actress did not comment on her exit from the show. At the same time, after the release of the promo of the show, people are eagerly waiting for the premiere of the show. By the way, in this comedy show of small screen so far many big Bollywood celebrities have opened the ashes of their lives. We are telling you such shocking revelations of 10 celebs…

Salman Khan

Recalling his childhood days in The Kapil Sharma Show, Salman Khan told that once he was punished for no fault of his by the class teacher. The actor told that he was thrown out of class and when his father Salim Khan asked Salman his mistake, he said that I myself do not know why the class teacher did this. The next day, Salim Khan came to know that Salman’s school fees were due. After this he immediately deposited his fees and Salman’s class teacher apologized to him.

Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi also remains in a lot of headlines for his funny style with his films. The actor arrived at The Kapil Sharma Show with his wife Maria Goretti. During this, the actor revealed that he was very scared of Maria while proposing to her, as he was afraid that she might slap her hard.

Karan Johar

Kajol and Karan Johar have worked together in many films and both are very good friends in real life. During The Kapil Sharma Show, Karan Johar was seen revealing many secrets related to Kajol. Director and producer Karan Johar had told that Kajol had a crush on Bollywood’s Khiladi i.e. Akshay Kumar. She was looking for Akshay Kumar throughout the premiere and I became her support. Along with this, Karan had revealed many secrets about Kajol and himself.


After Karan Johar, Kajol also revealed many secrets of Karan. The actress said that when I met Karan for the first time, I used to laugh seeing him because he wore three pieces i.e. coat, pants and tie in a disco party.

Kriti Sanon

In The Kapil Sharma Show, Kriti Sanon had revealed that she uses a mobile phone even in the bathroom. When Kapil asked Kriti is it true that you like to use mobile phone in bathroom? Responding to this, the actress said that ‘Yes it is true, I like to use mobile phone in the bathroom. I use this time to reply to important messages’.

Kumar Sanu

Even today people are crazy about the voice of the famous singer Kumar Sanu of the 90s. But it was not easy for Kumar to become a singer. In The Kapil Sharma Show, Kumar shared many anecdotes from his struggling days. Sanu told that when his father came to know about his live performance, he was not happy at all. He told that I gave my first live performance on the railway track in front of the mafia gang. Sanu told that when his father came to know that he had sung the song in front of the mafia gang, he slapped him hard and got very angry. He said that my father is from a conservative family.

Akshay Kumar

The audience eagerly waits for the entry of Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar i.e. Akshay Kumar in The Kapil Sharma Show. Along with Kapil Sharma’s slamming, Akshay entertains the audience a lot with his anecdotes. In The Kapil Sharma Show, Akshay Kumar revealed the reason for not attending the party with friends. Akshay had reportedly said that he does not go out with his friends because he is afraid that he may have to pay the bill.

Udit Narayan

According to media reports, the famous singer of the film industry Udit Narayan had disclosed Kapil’s fees in The Kapil Sharma Show. Udit teased Kapil by saying that comedians charge around Rs 1 crore per episode.

Mika Singh

When Badshah and Sonakshi Sinha appeared together on The Kapil Sharma Show, Kapil asked Sonakshi whether she answers trolls on her Instagram account. The actress revealed during this time that Mika Singh runs a fake social media account to reply to the trollers. With this, he replies to the trollers on his post in his own language.

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Salman Khan and Sohail Khan

In The Kapil Sharma Show, Dabang Khan of Bollywood i.e. Salman Khan revealed an incident. The actor said that once while playing a game, he accidentally pelted Sohail with a stone. Salman told that a long time ago all three of us brothers were watching the film Tarzan together and were playing a game with stones. I got so absorbed in the game that I accidentally threw a stone at Sohail, who was very young at that time. After the stone was hit, he hid behind the dustbin and in no time we saw Sohail’s head bleeding profusely. The actor said that seeing this Arbaaz and I panicked and we got very scared thinking how badly we would be scolded by Papa.

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