The shocking revelations of Honey Singh’s wife – ‘Illegal relationship of rapper, from the actions of father-in-law to behaving like an animal’

The shocking revelations of Honey Singh’s wife – ‘Illegal relationship of rapper, from the actions of father-in-law to behaving like an animal’

Honey Singh's wife Shalini Talwar

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  • Honey Singh’s wife has filed a case against rapper singer in court
  • Court has sent notice to Honey Singh after domestic violence case was registered
  • Alleging that Shalini Talwar narrated the alleged tale of humiliation of Honey Singh and in-laws.

Mumbai: Rapper and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar has filed a case against her husband in Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court under ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act’. According to a report, ‘The court has given notice to the singer and has given Honey Singh till August 28 to file his reply.’ The report said that Shalini has accused her husband of ‘physical, verbal and mental’ abuse. Apart from this, she has also alleged that Honey Singh was ‘addicted to alcohol and anabolic drugs.’ So much so that he allegedly had arrogant and abusive, violent behavior with his wife while having intimate relationships with several women.

News agency ANI also confirmed the news on Twitter and wrote, ‘A case has been registered against Bollywood singer and actor Yo Yo Honey Singh (Hirdesh Singh) by his wife Shalini Talwar under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court has issued notice to the singer and sought his reply on this. Meanwhile, it is also reported that the Court has issued notice to Honey Singh for August 28, and passed an interim order in favor of Shalini Talwar, granting Honey Singh his jointly owned property, his wife’s Stridhan etc. has been prevented from being disposed of.’

Shalini Talwar said that her husband and family made her a victim of several incidents of physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse. According to a PTI report, Shalini claimed that Honey Singh beat her up several times over the years and she is living in constant fear as he and her family have threatened her with physical harm.

In the petition, Talwar has said that he was physically abused by Honey Singh in the last 10 years. She revealed how Honey and her family broke her so mentally and emotionally that she felt herself ‘like a pet’ who was being subjected to cruel treatment.

Honey Singh wife Shalini

Talwar has leveled cheating charges against her husband, saying that he often had casual sex with multiple women, did not wear his wedding ring, and brutally beat her up for releasing their wedding photos online.

Shameful act done by father-in-law while intoxicated:
Apart from this, Honey Singh’s wife Shalini also claimed that once her father-in-law came into her room under the influence of alcohol and during this she was changing her clothes and touched his chest. Talwar sought a direction from the court to ask her husband to pay Rs 10 crore as interim compensation for domestic violence.

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Further, Shalini requested the court to order the singer to pay Rs 5 lakh as rent every month for a fully furnished residence in Delhi so that he could live separately and not depend on his widowed mother. In addition, she also sought to stop the singer from selling her shared house or selling her dowry property.

Hirdesh Singh and Shalini Talwar, popularly known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, tied the knot on January 23, 2011. Shalini Talwar had shared some cryptic posts regarding mental and physical abuse before filing a case against her husband.

Netizens also expressed concern over this and asked if he was fine? However, the post that generated the most concern was when Shalini wrote on Instagram, ‘Which section of society do we belong to, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, whether you are famous or not, the plight of women is the same. Lives. tyranny #harshreality #narcissisticabuse.’

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