Which game is better for 2 GB RAM Android devices in May 2021?

Which game is better for 2 GB RAM Android devices in May 2021?

Players are drawn to PUBG Mobile Lite and COD Mobile because of the graphics and gameplay mechanics they offer low-end devices. Each game, though, has its own set of system specifications and device optimization capabilities.

This article compares COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite based on minimum specifications required, their gameplay, and graphics to determine which one is best for devices with 2 GB RAM in May 2021.

PUBG Mobile Lite vs COD Mobile for low-spec phones

COD Mobile

Minimum system requirements

  • Download Size – 1.5 GB
  • Operating System – Android 5.1
  • RAM – 2 GB

PUBG Mobile Lite

Minimum system requirements

  • Download Size – 610 MB
  • Operating System – Android 4.1
  • RAM – 1 GB (recommended – 2 GB)

Gameplay style

Both PUBG Mobile Lite and COD Mobile belong to the battle royale genre but have a very different approach to gameplay mechanics. 60 players arrive on an island to duke it out against each other in PUBG Mobile Lite. The in-game ambiance is realistic and life-like, where a single match lasts for about 13-15 minutes.

COD Mobile is faster and more arcade-like. The title sees 100 players arrive on an island to fight against each other. The intense battle continues for about 25-30 minutes per match.


Graphics comparison
Graphics comparison

PUBG Mobile Lite is created on the Unreal Engine, one of the most advanced real-time 3D creation platforms on the market. The visuals in the game are excellent, with remarkable map textures. It features vibrant color schemes and high contrast frames. Devices with 4 GB RAM at their disposal can generate up to 60 FPS while running this game.

COD Mobile was developed on the UNITY 2016 Engine and has rich graphics as well, and a variety of high-contrast color schemes in the game. It has very intricate map details. However, the game lacks a realistic touch and is more arcade-styled. The game can run on maximum settings on 4 GB RAM devices and above.

Verdict: Which is better?

Gameplay comparison
Gameplay comparison

Both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are successful battle royale titles that offer a tremendous gameplay experience for their players. COD Mobile is a better battle royale title than PUBG Mobile Lite both in terms of gameplay and graphics. However, regarding the device compatibility on 2 GB RAM devices, PUBG Mobile Lite is a better option.

COD Mobile is a very large game that will require much heavier device optimization. Hence, it will be quite difficult to run the game on 2 GB RAM devices. However, PUBG Mobile Lite is specially designed for low-end devices. Thereby, it will run effortlessly on a 2 GB RAM device.

Disclaimer: This article solely reflects the author’s opinions. Players can choose whichever game they’d like to play.

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