5 Best Knowledge Management Solutions for 2022

Knowledge Management Solutions

A Knowledge Management Solution is an IT application that stores and retrieves data to streamline processes and facilitate collaboration. Modern organizations utilize these systems within departments or as a central internal repository for clients and employees. This article will explore the role of knowledge management systems and the top KM solutions in 2022.

Role of a Knowledge Management Systems

The principal role of knowledge management is to accumulate and retain information within an organization. Companies can encourage sharing valuable data within teams or assist the customer helpdesk.

In other words, knowledge management keeps specialized knowledge circulating between staff. A project management template  application utilizes information to enable employees and customers to complete tasks effectively.

Essential Features of Knowledge Management Systems

Besides storing information, a knowledge management system must also retrieve data efficiently. A robust knowledge base can boost the bottom line for companies. According to McKinsey Global Institute, companies can increase workers’ productivity by 20 to 25%.

Most KM solutions are cloud applications. Customers and employees can access data regardless of their location. That way, users can apply timely and relevant information to complete critical tasks.

Additionally, information and document sharing features should be easy to use. The usability of knowledge management solutions stimulates innovation and encourages users to share ideas.

Top 5 Knowledge Management Solutions for 2022

The latest KM applications aim to circumvent knowledge barriers such as high costs and usability challenges. Some of the top KM solutions include:

  1. ProProfs: One of its top features is ready-to-use templates that allow you to build a public or private knowledge base. You can create hundreds of reports and analytics. Extend its features by integrating with other applications such as Google Analytics, Slack, and Zendesk.
  2. Zendesk: Zendesk is an ideal option to develop a self-service platform for users. It can also provide AI-powered suggestions depending on the success of the content.
  3. Zoho Wiki: Zoho is a web-based service that allows you to create pages and sub-pages. It has an uncluttered workspace with detailed and region-specific categories. Zoho Wiki makes tracking easy across multiple departments. It is ideal for streamlining activities across different teams.
  4. Document360: It allows you to create self-service help desks for customers or employees. It has a powerful AI-powered search feature and provides access to multiple knowledge bases. Document360 supports many foreign languages and third-party applications such as Microsoft and Freshdesk.
  5. KnowMax: KnowMas is another AI-Powered KM application that aims to provide timely and relevant information. You can create decision trees and visual guides for seamless decision-making between teams. Its top features include a robust search engine and easy scripting, which does not require coding knowledge.

Knowledge Management for Customer Engagement

Knowledge Management solutions are becoming increasingly critical for modern businesses. One report indicates employees spend 28% of their workweek responding to emails. However, an efficient knowledge management solutions can reduce the time spent searching for information by 35%.

Verint Knowledge Management is an AI-driven, patented system that enhances users’ access to information. The platform presents scripting to agents automatically during specific projects to facilitate compliance with regulations. Managers can accurately forecast their employee’s schedules to strike a balance between staff and customer engagement.

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