5 streamers who fell asleep on live stream only to regret it later

5 streamers who fell asleep on live stream only to regret it later

In recent months, quite a few streamers have tried their hands at the entire “sleep-streaming” meta.

While most of these sleep-streams are deliberate, sometimes, streamers end up falling asleep during live streams by mistake. As is often seen, Twitch viewers tend to find ways to wake up the streamer in these situations.

Sleep-streams have, at times, proven to be high-grossing, with multiple streamers earning thousands of dollars just by sleeping on camera.

5 streamers who fell asleep on stream and regretted their decision

#1 JustaMinx

Twitch streamer JustaMinx has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent months. The streamer currently has 1.4 million followers on Twitch. JustaMinx is an IRL streamer who often plays games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends and Minecraft.

In August 2020, JustaMinx hosted a sleep-stream along with her dog and thoroughly regretted her decision. Her viewers started making a wide range of loud noises, which eventually made her dog run off. As can be seen in the clip, her Twitch viewers played loud songs, noises, and sent voice messages to JustaMinx to keep her awake.

Additionally, JustaMinx grew even more annoyed when fellow streamer “Jschlatt” decided to call her and interfere with her sleep. At around 6 am, JustaMinx decided to shut off the stream to catch some sleep:

“Oh my God, I lost my shit a few times ..there was a point last night , where I was like, just be called a scammer . I’m gonna go sleep now, like properly , without the fear of waking up …Goodnight.”

The streamer also posted about the stream on Twitter and said that it was a “horrible idea” to host it.

#2 YuriJoa

YuriJoa is a “Just Chatting” Twitch streamer with around 90k followers on Twitch. She plays various games such as PUBG, League of Legends and GTA V. Unlike her fellow female streamer JustaMinx, YuriJoa had no intentions to host a sleep-stream.

Instead, she ended up falling asleep by mistake during a “Just Chatting” stream. One of her viewers wasted little time sending a long, loud soundclip. However, YuriJoa appeared calm about the situation and eventually burst into laughter, as can be seen in the clip above. Users are advised to lower their system’s volume while watching the video.

#3 Nyyxxii

Twitch streamer Nyyxxii hosted a sleep-stream towards the beginning of 2021. The streamer was sleeping peacefully when a viewer found a rather peculiar way of waking her up.

Nyyxxii had apparently disallowed viewers from sending sound clips but still had the voice message feature on her donations on. Donors only had to type the message that they wanted read out during the stream. One of her viewers decided to type the following message along with their donation:

Image via Nyyxxii
Image via Nyyxxii

Nyyxxii immediately woke up and tried to find out who had sent the donation/message. The streamer cursed and was visibly annoyed.

#4 Twomad

Canadian YouTuber Muudea’ “Twomad” Day’ Sedik has hosted a number of sleep-streams in the past. The streamer has 2.18 million subscribers on YouTube and last streamed on Twitch around 9 months ago.

The streamer regularly posts YouTube videos of his sleep-streams with negative captions. During some of his earlier sleep-streams, the streamer would hook up a “giant speaker” near his bed and allow viewers to send sound clips.

As can be seen in the video above, Twomad’s fans sent a range of loud and obnoxious noises and made it impossible for him to sleep. Despite his bad experience, Twomad has hosted multiple sleep-streams and always seems to regret his decision. Again, while the streams might be difficult, Twomad has, in the past, hinted that these sleep-streams are proving especially rewarding for his overall numbers/donations.

The same has been true for other streamers such as Ludwig Ahgren and Asian Andy.

#5 PotasticP

Jeannie “PotasticP” Lee is also an IRL streamer who plays a variety of games. This includes Minecraft, Among Us, Cyberpunk 2077 and Ghost of Tsushima. The streamer currently has 308k followers on Twitch.

She fell asleep on her couch in an October 2020 sleep-stream and had forgotten that she was live when she woke up. The streamer ended up cuddling with her boyfriend on the couch before eventually realizing that she was still online.

As can be seen in the clip, PotasticP burst out laughing towards the end, before rushing to switch off her camera.

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