From Michele Morrone to Jennifer Lowrence, nude photos of these Hollywood stars have gone viral

From Michele Morrone to Jennifer Lowrence, nude photos of these Hollywood stars have gone viral

Nude photos of these celebs viral

Nude photos of these celebs viral&nbsp


  • Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked during the shooting of The Hunger Games
  • Bella Thorne herself shared her nude photos on social media

Nude Photos Of These Hollywood Stars Have Gone Viral: In the world of Hollywood, films of bold subjects remain in the headlines a lot, but more than that, the actresses of the film manage to make headlines. Hollywood stars have played all kinds of characters, whether it is giving intimate scenes in films or giving nude scenes. But at the same time, nude photos of these stars have been leaked online during the shooting of the film or during the photoshoot. Today in this article we will talk about such Hollywood stars whose online nude photos have been leaked.

michael moren

Full front nude photos of Michael Moran from the sets of ‘365 Days’ were leaked online. After the leak of these photos, Michael expressed a lot of anger. The actor shared his photos on Instagram and said that, no person has any right to invade anyone’s privacy, it is very insulting.

Scarlett Johansson

In 2011, nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson were stolen and these pictures were posted on social media. After this these pictures became fiercely viral on social media. However, the hackers were caught after investigation by the police and were jailed for 10 years.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans accidentally shared nude photos while sharing NSFW photos from his phone reel. However, he deleted the screenshot after the video went viral.

Jennifer Lawrence

You must have seen the amazing action of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence, who is recognized as an action woman worldwide through the ‘Hunger Games’ series. But let us tell you that nude photos of the actress were leaked online during the shooting of Hunger Games. However, after the photos were leaked, the hacker was arrested by the police and was jailed for 8 months.

Kristen Stewart

Let us tell you that in the year 2017, nude pictures of Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stila McQual were leaked. After these pictures went viral, the actress threatened to take legal action against the hackers.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one of the Hollywood celebs who were targeted in the nude ePhoto hacking scam. According to a report, several nude photos were stolen from the actress’s phone and posted on the website.

bella thorne

Social media star Bella is very active on Instagram. The actress has close to 20 million followers on Insta. The actress herself shared her nude photos on Twitter. Bella had told that hackers had hacked her Instagram and were threatening that he would leak her nude photos and videos. Bella told that to thwart the hacker’s intention, she herself shared her nude photos.


Rihanna also revealed during an interview that she too was once a victim of hackers. Let us tell you that in the year 2009, hackers made the actress’s sex video viral online. The actress had admitted that it was quite humiliating.

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