A Complete Guide to Life in Stella Maris, Dubai; What to Expect

Life in Dubai has received mixed reactions over the years. There appear to be different perspectives as to the cost of high-quality living, such that many people wonder if it is only a location for the wealthy or one accessible to low-income earners as well. Why leave your country to live a less comfortable lifestyle right? More so, with the rise of the Stella Maris residential tower, there have been more questions on its affordability, the comfort it brings, and what it is like to live there. In this article we will walk you through life in Stella Maris, Dubai, what to expect both money-wise and comfort-wise. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

A Quick Tour of the Stella Maris

The Stella Maris is a skyscraper premium for residents designed for optimum comfort and luxurious relaxation. It has been described by many as an architectural edifice targeted and built for luxury lovers. This state-of-the-art 52 floors sky-high Stella Maris tower sits in the heart of Dubai Marina. One thing is for sure, its apartments reek of aesthetical glamour and beautiful layout; such as:

  1. A clean, and mature interior design leaves an awesome view of the terrain in which each apartment has a direct sight of the city. Apartments in Stella Maris are mostly either embellished with see-through windows, a terrace, or a mini balcony that leads to a direct view of the city.
  2. Modern equipment and comfort items such as water heaters, floor heaters, luxury bathtubs, and amazing kitchen space. Additionally, bedrooms at Stella Maris are spacious and would accommodate a maxi-size bed with plenty of extra space.
  3. The Stella Maris tower is sited in one of the few water edge plots remaining in Dubai, with a stunning waterfront view. You could see the marina and the Arabian Gulf Sea at the same time. 
  4. It has a clubhouse, 6 underground floors for parking, pools, a lounge, one multipurpose hall, a gym and spa, and a children’s area attached.

From the above, you can glean that living in Stella Maris is lush, comfortable, and classy. 

The Stella Maris is in Dubai Marina’s Fun Spots

Additionally, you have many city perks within your reach such as:

  1. The Ibn Battuta Mall and the Mall of the Emirates
  2. The Palm Jumeirah and its amazing bustling restaurants
  3. The Walk JBR and 
  4. The Burj Al Arab

All within 15 minutes drive from the Stella Maris tower. Additionally, the tower has a bubbly environment, great hanging out spots, and many fun places within a few minutes’ walk away. What more could one possibly want as regards comfort and fun?

What kind of apartments can you find at Stella Maris, Dubai?

The Stella Maris has a total of 313 units and as such, many options for rent, and purchase. You could get a single bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom apartments, Penthouses, and villas in the tower, all at varying prices.

Now let’s talk about the cost of apartments at Stella Maris.

If you are looking to purchase or rent an apartment in the Stella Maris then you would also need to consider the price. You know what they say that nothing good comes cheap right? Our research however reveals that living in the Stella Maris tower is not only comfy and pleasurable, it also comes at value for one’s money. More so, apartments at the Stella Maris tower are reasonably priced with a flexible payment plan for intending buyers.

From our research, buyers can secure their interest with a 5% down payment, and the remainder is split into fractions payable within 4 years post-handover.

One-bedroom apartments at Stella Maris – From AED 1, 200, 000 (Sale)

Two-bedroom apartments at Stella Maris – From AED 2, 000, 000 (Sale)

Three bedroom apartments at Stella Maris – From AED 3, 200, 000 (Sale) 

Four bedroom apartments at Stella Maris – From AED 5, 000, 000 (Sale)

Penthouses at Stella Maris – From AED 20, 000, 000 (Sale)

Villas at Stella Maris – From AED 30, 000, 000 (Sale) 


The Stella Maris was developed by Scope investment, its project manager is Mace, credits for its architecture goes to the LACASA Architects and its contractor is the General Construction company; all of which have impressive records in the Dubai real estate market. Construction began in 2015 and will soon be completed.

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