Afghan Women | ‘They rape girls and kill men’

Afghan Women |  ‘They rape girls and kill men’
Afghan Women |  ‘They rape girls and kill men’

Afghan Women | ‘They rape girls and kill men’


Terrified Afghan women narrate ordeal of Taliban in Delhi

Taliban rule over Afghanistan has resumed.&nbsp


  • Taliban has once again taken control of Afghanistan
  • Afghan women told horrifying tales of Taliban’s brutality
  • Women say Taliban forcibly enter the house and rape

New Delhi : After the Taliban came to power, what was feared has started happening. Taliban boys are raping women and girls after taking control of Afghanistan. Afghan women who reached Delhi from Afghanistan have narrated horrific tales of Taliban’s atrocities and atrocities. ‘Times Now Navbharat’ has spoken to these victims. In a special conversation with the channel, women have told how their lives have been ruined by Taliban fighters. Women have appealed to the countries of the world including India to save Afghanistan.

‘We are homeless, we have nothing’
In a conversation with ‘Times Now Navbharat’, a woman said, ‘I request the Indian government to talk to UNICEF on the refugee crisis in Afghanistan. We have been living as refugees for 15-20 years. The condition of our country is not good. We should get help to the refugees. Our condition is very bad. We have become homeless. We have nothing left. It is very difficult for us to live.

‘Talibans enter houses, rape girls’
Another victim said, ‘Our children have no future in Afghanistan. We cannot go back to Afghanistan. The power has now gone into their hands. We have small children. They will not be able to study. He will not be able to eat good food. Another victim said, “Taliban fighters enter the house. They rape girls and kill men.

raped in front of brother and father
A girl bursts into tears while telling the fear of the Taliban. After controlling herself, the girl said, ‘Taliban raped a girl in front of her two brothers and father. Then killed the girl’s brothers and father. What kind of life is this? Our people are living in these miseries. We urge all embassies, countries of the world to save Afghanistan. India is our friend, we are sitting expecting more from him.

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