Afghanistan | Don’t think ‘end game yet written’: Top US general on Taliban’s ‘inevitable victory’

Afghanistan | Don’t think ‘end game yet written’: Top US general on Taliban’s ‘inevitable victory’

Don't think 'end game yet written': Top US general on Taliban's 'inevitable victory' in Afghanistan

US military officer’s big talk on the situation in Afghanistan.&nbsp


  • Taliban has taken control of about 212 districts in Afghanistan
  • US top military official has said that the end game is still left in this country
  • Taliban control over the country’s provincial capitals is yet to come

Washington : Given the way the Taliban is gaining ground in Afghanistan and monopolizing the region, it is being said that in the next five to six months, it will be in control of this country. Amidst all this, a big US military officer has given a big statement. Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said that the Taliban is presenting itself in a way that it is certain to win, but what the final future of this fight will be is yet to be written. The army officer said this while addressing the media. It is being told that the Taliban has taken control of about 212 districts of the country and in many parts it is fighting with Afghan security forces.

Taliban is presenting its winning claim
The US military official said, “One thing is clearly being said about the ongoing conflict between the Taliban and Afghan security forces in Afghanistan that the Taliban is winning there.” Actually, this concept is being introduced by the Taliban. If we talk about today, they have about 212 to 213 districts. The Taliban control the centers of the districts. There are 419 districts in Afghanistan and half of them are controlled by Taliban.

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The capital of the provinces away from the Taliban
Milli said the Taliban have controlled a large part of the country in the past six months, although they have not been able to take the capital of any province under their control. “There are 34 provincial capitals in Afghanistan. To date, the Taliban does not have any capital. The Taliban are controlling the outskirts of the provincial capitals. Explaining the reason for the withdrawal of Afghan security forces, the US official said that they are positioning themselves in a strong position to protect the provincial capitals.

A close look at the situation in Afghanistan
Millie said, ‘What happens there in the later summer months will be interesting to see. Right now there has been a decrease in violence due to Bakrid, but after that we will see whether there has been a decrease or increase in violence there. There is a possibility that there will be peace. It is also possible that there may be Taliban control. Anything can happen in Afghanistan, it is also a possibility. The US official said that he is closely watching the latest situation in Afghanistan.

‘End game script yet to be written’
“I don’t think the script for the end game has been written,” he said. Last May, the US said that it would withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before September 11, after which the Taliban began to take control of the areas, intensifying violence there. Now the full withdrawal of US forces is to be done before August. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says that despite the return, a contingent of US troops will remain in Afghanistan to protect the embassies and international airport.

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