Sridevi Birthday Five films of Sridevi new age people must watch, Sridevi Birthday: From ‘Shock’ to ‘Chandni’, Young Generation must watch these 5 films of Sridevi

Sridevi Birthday Five films of Sridevi new age people must watch, Sridevi Birthday: From ‘Shock’ to ‘Chandni’, Young Generation must watch these 5 films of Sridevi

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Young generation must watch these 5 movies of Sridevi &nbsp


  • The film shock had put four moons on Sridevi’s career.
  • Himmatwala’s name comes in Sridevi’s best films.
  • Sridevi made a comeback in Bollywood with the film English Vinglish.

Sridevi’s film young people must watch: Late Bollywood actress Sridevi does not need any identity. He made a big name in Bollywood after starting his career with South Film Industry. Everyone is crazy about his style, dance and acting. Whenever Sridevi’s films used to be in theatres. Then people used to be desperate to see him. Sridevi had such a shadow on the people that everyone was convinced of her. Sridevi has given many such films in her Bollywood career. Which are still relevant today and people like to see them. With the changing times, there has been a change in the preferences of the people. But, the thing about Sridevi’s films is something else, her films are very much liked by the young generation. Even though Sridevi is not with us today but she is always alive in our hearts.

Shock (1983)

The journey of Bollywood was not easy for Sridevi. His film Solva Sawan was not successful in making people happy. But, when he did the Hindi remake of his Tamil film Moondram Pirai, the film was a huge success. Because of this film, Sridevi started achieving her position in Bollywood. Young generation must watch this film.

Himmatwala (1983)

After the shock, Sridevi’s film Himmatwala did wonders at the box office. This film is counted among some of the best films of Sridevi’s career. The pair of Sridevi and Jitendra got a lot of love from the audience in this film. Himmatwala is the same film after which Sridevi was recognized as a great dancer in Bollywood.

Mr. India (1987)

Sridevi’s character and performance in Mr. India was highly appreciated. The film was successful in making its place in the hearts of the people. People liked the chemistry of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. Mr. India’s name also appears in India’s Evergreen films. Today’s generation also likes to watch this film. The songs of this film are always on the tongue of the people.

Chandni (1989)

Chandni was one such film in the films of the 80s, whose songs made people crazy about themselves. Chandni’s name is also included in the best films of Sridevi. Due to this film, Sridevi got a new name ‘Chandni’. In this film, Sridevi’s dressage revolutionized the fashion industry. Everyone tried to adopt Sridevi’s style. Sridevi opposite Rishi Kapoor made this film a superhit.

English Vinglish (2012)

After many years when Sridevi made a comeback in Bollywood. Then people were speculating that Sridevi has come back to shatter her flame. And when Sridevi made a comeback with the film English Vinglish, she lived up to the expectations of the audience. This film once again proved that Sridevi is the gem of Bollywood industry.

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