Taliban issue:The influence of Taliban in Afghanistan is not good for India, understand this

Taliban issue:The influence of Taliban in Afghanistan is not good for India, understand this

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The influence of Taliban in Afghanistan is not good for India, understand it like this&nbsp


  • Taliban has claimed to have captured 85 percent of Afghanistan
  • Taliban is a banned terrorist organization
  • Taliban is claiming after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

India’s concern has increased after the way the Taliban claimed that it has captured 85 percent of Afghanistan. India’s concern is significant because Indian companies are working in Afghanistan’s redevelopment and if the Taliban influence increases, it will not only be difficult to work but there will also be a risk of increasing terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir. In this regard, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed concern to Russia.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar mentioned to Russia
Told his counterpart in Moscow, Sergei Lavrov, that the government currently ruling in Afghanistan will have to ensure the protection of the statutory authority. According to media reports, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council of National Reconciliation of Afghanistan, called on India. Traveled last week. Abdullah Abdullah is the person who has been given the responsibility of a peace deal with the Taliban. By the way, his journey was personal. But the way the situation remained in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of American troops, his visit was not normal after that.

News of the death of 107 Taliban terrorists
At least 109 Taliban militants were killed and 25 others injured during fierce fighting and clashes in two provinces of Afghanistan. “In Kandahar province, supported by the Afghan Air Force (AAF), the army’s 205th Atal Corps said in a statement 70 Taliban militants were killed and eight others were injured during an operation by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in Police District 7 of Kandahar city and neighboring suburban Dand city.

Earlier on Friday, the Taliban attacked ANDSF positions and tried to infiltrate Kandahar city, which was followed by heavy fighting throughout the day, reported Xinhua news agency. In Helmand province, according to the army’s 215th Maiwand Corps, The AAF-backed ANDSF targeted a terrorist group in Kala-e-Bulan, on the outskirts of the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, killing 39 Taliban militants and wounding 17. US and NATO troops are leaving the country, on the other side in the country. Violence is increasing.

what the experts say
Experts say that there is a simple definition that you can develop only when there is peace in your neighboring countries. If we talk about India, then the way the mercenaries were active in Jammu and Kashmir earlier, the increasing influence of Taliban can be affected in that direction. The way Lashkar Jaish has links with the Taliban, due to which terrorist activities can increase. Along with this, there is also a threat to the Indian agencies engaged in the reconstruction of Afghanistan, so it is necessary for India to keep a check on the Taliban.

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