Taliban: Dead bodies scattered in streets, fighters picking up girls, victims narrate painful tales

Taliban: Dead bodies scattered in streets, fighters picking up girls, victims narrate painful tales

Taliban barbarism in Afghanistan girls kidnapped to become Taliban brides: Report

Taliban fighters are committing atrocities on people in Afghanistan.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • Taliban control a large area of ​​Afghanistan
  • Fighters now fighting to capture provincial capitals
  • A large number of people fled the northern region and reached the capital, Kabul.

After consolidating its hold in Afghanistan, the Taliban has started showing its real face. It has become difficult for the common people to live in the areas of the country where it has been occupied. The violence, brutality and atrocities of the Taliban have increased so much that thousands of people are leaving their homes and looking for shelter in safe areas. Fears of the Taliban have displaced thousands of people in the country’s northern region. People troubled by the atrocities and violence of Taliban fighters have narrated their ordeal.

Displaced people fled to Kabul
Many people reached the capital Kabul this week after being upset by the attacks and atrocities by the fighters, AFP reported. 36-year-old Fariba, who arrived in Kabul from Kunduz with her six children, said, “We saw the bodies near the jail… there were dogs next to the dead bodies.” The Taliban has captured the capital Kunduz.

Taliban fighters didn’t even spare the barber
According to the report, 22-year-old Mirwaiz Khan Amiri, who reached Kabul three days before Kunduz, told that a barber was killed by Taliban fighters three days ago. The fighters feared that the barber was working for the government. Amiri says that the Taliban are also killing people who stopped working for the government four-five years ago. Abdulmannan, who fled Kunduz, told AFP that his boy was beheaded by Taliban fighters.

Taliban denies reports of atrocities
According to the report, Abdulmannan said, ‘They took her…as if she were a sheep..They beheaded her and then threw her away’. AFP says it could not independently confirm these reports. However, the Taliban has denied reports of atrocities. Many human rights organizations, including the United Nations, say the Taliban are committing war crimes in Afghanistan and should be investigated. The UN’s international body on displacement said on Tuesday that more than 359,000 people have been displaced in conflict this year alone.

‘Abducting girls for marriage’
The report further said that Marwa, a 25-year-old widow who fled from Talokan, said, “I heard that my 16-year-old cousin was kidnapped by Taliban fighters. They are going to get her married to one of their fighters. Marva says that her cousin is engaged and her fiancé lives in France. He said, ‘When there are two girls in the family, they take one girl to marry the fighter and if there are two boys in the family, they make one a fighter.’

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