Afghanistan taliban news in hindi: Afghan army does not fight how much we fight, Joe Biden said – will not repeat the mistake of the past,

Afghanistan taliban news in hindi: Afghan army does not fight how much we fight, Joe Biden said – will not repeat the mistake of the past,

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The Afghan army does not fight, how much should we fight, Joe Biden said – will not repeat the past mistake&nbsp


  • Why should we send our sons and daughters when the Afghan army is not fighting – Joe Biden
  • There is no question of repeating the mistake that has happened behind.
  • Getting the American people out of Afghanistan a priority

Joe Biden on afghan army: Afghanistan is now handed over to Taliban, its elected President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country. The rush of people at Kabul Airport is reminiscent of a railway station or bus station. Amidst all this, a big question is being raised about the role of America. 20 years ago, when American troops landed on the soil of Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism, what was its purpose? However, the US President has made it clear on this subject that his work was not nation building.

Won’t repeat past mistake
In such a situation, the question is whether America has been making Afghanistan a pawn only to vent its anger. Before discussing this topic in detail, the statement of US President Joe Biden is special. Joe Biden says that if the people of Afghanistan are not ready to fight for their rights, then why should America send its sons and daughters. He will not repeat the mistake he has made behind.

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focus now on what could be better
We are focused on what is now possible in Afghanistan. We will continue to support the people. We will lead with our diplomacy, international influence and humanitarian aid. We will emphasize regional diplomacy to prevent violence and instability, and we will continue to speak up for the basic rights of the Afghan people,” Joe Biden said.

The US President said that the global superpower will put human rights at the center of its foreign policy not through military deployment but through economic means, diplomacy and “rally the world to join us”. Joe Biden said Afghanistan Current steps by the United States in the U.S. include the deployment of 6,000 American troops to assist in the departure of thousands of civilians from the United States and allied nations from the war-torn region. Additionally, US security forces will attempt to repatriate vulnerable Afghan citizens to a safer location outside of their home country.

Joe Biden said that US troops are also working to ensure the security of airspace and the operation of civilian and military flights. US President Joe Biden said, “We are taking air traffic control into our own hands. The embassy is safely closed and our diplomats have been moved.Our diplomatic presence at Kabul airport has been strengthened.

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