Anupamaa Serial will take 5 twists, Samar got a job abroad, now the boss will take a dirty look at Kavya

Anupamaa Serial will take 5 twists, Samar got a job abroad, now the boss will take a dirty look at Kavya

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  • Fans will soon see many big changes in Anupama’s story.
  • Baa will provide remedies for the happiness of the Shah family.
  • Know about 5 very interesting twists coming in the upcoming episode of Anupama.

Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer show Anupama continues to see new twists and turns. For this reason, Rajan Shahi’s TV serial Anupama is very much ahead in popularity. The story of the TV show is constantly keeping the audience hooked to it. Now fans will soon see many big changes in the story of Anupama Show. Not only this, for the happiness that the Shah family has seen, Baa will now make peace lessons in the house. So let’s know about 5 very interesting twists coming in the upcoming episode of Anupama.

Samar got job offer abroad
The Shah family is facing financial crunch. Anupama, Vanraj are trying hard to get out of this trouble but all in vain. Just then, Samar gets a call where he gets an international job offer that could change his fortunes. However this offer comes with a one year contract where she can earn a lot of money and help the family. There is an argument with Samar’s Kavya about this offer. However, Samar turns down the job offer abroad, arguing with Nandini, Kavya and her family. Because he wants to be with the family and wants to help them here.

Boss Dholakia will now cast an evil eye on Kavya
As we saw Kavya will go for job interview but she will not get the job. Kavya gets frustrated by this. Because earlier also Kavya was rejected in an interview. Upset Kavya will feel that there is some problem in the house. However, now Kavya’s luck is about to shine and she will join the job instead of Kinjal. Yes, Dholakia is left with no other option as soon as Kinjal leaves the job, he calls Kavya back to work. Kavya fails to see why Kinjal left the job. But Kavya feels that she is much deserving than Kinjal and Vanraj and hence Dholakia has called her. Now Dholakia’s evil eye will be on Kavya. Dholakia will now make Kavya lie down in the office till late at night. Dholakia will now try to fulfill his lust from Kavya. It will be interesting to see what Kavya will do.

Anupama will now take Kinjal’s revenge
As Vanraj and Anupama get worried about Kinjal. Kinjal does not return from work till late in the night. Just then Kinjal comes by a car and looks shocked and disturbed. On seeing Anupama, Kinjal is unable to stop herself and she starts crying bitterly. Vanraj is also shocked to see Kinjal’s condition. Anupama asks Kinjal what happened and why she is crying. Upset Kinjal, Anupama doesn’t tell the truth and hides most of it. Only then will Anupama get suspicious and finally Kinjal will tell about her boss’s antics. Now Anupama will take a vow as a mother that she will make Kinjal’s boss Dholakia cry in tears. Because his Anupama’s daughter has misbehaved with the same daughter-in-law.

Shah family’s class will take Pakhi
Rakhi is desperate to get Kinjal out of the Shah family by whatever means so that she can arrange a luxurious life for her daughter. The situation worsens when Kinjal is left without Paritosh and soon quits the job. Now Rakhi will be furious because now the housework will be on Kinjal and when she loses her job too. Pakhi does not want Kinjal to be the new Anupama. In such a situation, the Shah family will have to face Rakhi’s anger. Soon Rakhi is going to do a big drama and will accuse the Shah family of torturing her daughter. Though Kinjal will try to save the family but all will be in vain in the face of Rakhi’s anger.

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Anupama’s crush will enter
If reports are to be believed, Anupama’s childhood friend is going to enter the show soon. This friend has also been Anupama’s crush once. When this special friend of Anupama comes on the show, Vanraj is going to feel very jealous. Now with time things will emerge more. Because Anupama is divorced and she can move on in her life. Obviously, in the coming times, the makers will once again try to take the story around Anupama’s personal life.

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