Anupamaa Written Update Today: Kavya was exposed, Pakhi got the support of mother Anupama on this occasion

Anupamaa Written Update Today: Kavya was exposed, Pakhi got the support of mother Anupama on this occasion

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  • Pakhi, provoked by Kavya, forbids Anupama from watching her dance performance.
  • Kavya leaves Pakhi because of her interview call.
  • Seeing Pakhi in trouble, Anupama takes Samar’s support.

Anupamaa TV Updates: Anupama is one of the successful serials of the small screen. Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey and Madalsa Sharma starrer this show has managed to make its place in the hearts of the audience. For the past several months, the dominance of this show has been on TV. In the last few episodes, you must have seen that Kavya turns Pakhi against Anupama. Due to which Pakhi forbids Anupama from watching her dance. Along with this, Kavya uses several tricks to humiliate Anupama. But now his movement is about to come to a standstill. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that even after trying her best, Kavya is unable to separate Anupama and Pakhi.

Know here what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa written updates in hindi.

Kavya’s real face will come in front of Pakhi

The upcoming episode will be very special as Pakhi is about to come to know about Kavya’s reality. In fact, it will happen that Kavya will get an urgent interview call, due to which she will leave Pakhi in the middle. Pakhi will be shocked by Kavya’s departure. She will get upset seeing Kavya’s real face.

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Anupama will support Pakhi

Seeing Pakhi’s condition, Anupama tries to help her. Pakhi has already told Anupama to stay away from her dance competition. Because of this Anupama takes the support of Samar and sends him to dance with Pakhi. Pakhi and Samar win the competition. Anupama is very happy with Pakhi’s victory. Pakhi then learns that Anupama is her helper. With Pakhi’s victory, Anupama celebrates her victory as well.

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