At the beginning of her career, Vidya Balan had to listen to lewd comments, being a woman, she used to rate herself very low.

At the beginning of her career, Vidya Balan had to listen to lewd comments, being a woman, she used to rate herself very low.

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  • Vidya Balan’s film Lioness has been released recently, critics have also praised along with the fans.
  • Vidya has been a victim of sexism many times, had to hear lewd comments in the early days of her career.

Kerala-born Bollywood actress Vidya Balan today inspires crores of people with her films. His acting and performance are being discussed in the world. She likes to do those characters in Bollywood who bring a positive change in people about something. If we talk about the early days of his career, then it was not easy for him because he was disappointed many times.

Once a film director even called him a bad omen. Instead of pulling his legs back, he started hitting his hands and feet. Because of this, he got a chance to work in many TV commercial ads and serials. A big change came in his life when he did the film Parineeta. His luck shone with the film Parineeta which was well-liked. Today, in Bollywood, she adopts those characters more which affect the mentality of the people.

Recently she has appeared in ‘Lioness’, whose character has also been highly appreciated by the critics. The characters that Vidya plays are related to her real life, just like her character in Lioness, Vidya has lived in her real life. If seen, Vidya Balan has lived her character in real life. She has talked about sexism in Bollywood many times. Recently, while talking about gender discrimination, Vidya Balan said that she has become a victim of discrimination against men, women and herself many times.

when you became a victim of sexism

During the interview, while narrating her story, Vidya told that according to her gender discrimination not only means wrong treatment of women by men, but gender discrimination also refers to what women think for themselves. Meanwhile, she told that she herself has been a victim of gender discrimination along with men and other women. At times, being a woman, she has underestimated herself from others.

Inspire against gender discrimination

Vidya told that now she has learned to emerge from this situation and never underestimates herself for being a woman. Her character in the web series Lioness is also based on the same problem. Vidya told that she makes films for the audience, the more people watch her films, the more happiness she gets.

She chooses the stories and characters she wants to show the audience and what the audience likes to see. Let us tell you, Vidya Balan has done many films like The Dirty Picture, Kahaani, Shakuntala Devi, Mission Mangal, Tumhari Sulu and Begum Jaan.

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