Bank Locker New Rule: Bank: If goods are stolen from the locker, you will get damages, money will be available up to 100 times the rent

Bank Locker New Rule: Bank: If goods are stolen from the locker, you will get damages, money will be available up to 100 times the rent

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  • Incidents like fire, theft, dacoity, building collapse, negligence of the bank and any other lapse, the customer will get compensation for the loss.
  • Currently, depending on the size of the locker and the city, banks mainly charge an annual rent ranging from Rs 1400 to Rs 12,000.
  • If the customer does not deposit the rent of the bank locker for three years, the bank will have the right to open the locker.

New Delhi: There is good news for those who keep lockers in the bank. The Reserve Bank of India has made it a rule to pay compensation for theft of goods kept in the locker. Under this, banks will have to pay compensation up to 100 times on the basis of locker rent. It can be understood that the country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) charges annual rent from Rs 1500 to Rs 9000 depending on the size of the locker. In such a situation, under the new system, his liability will range from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 9 lakh. Similarly, if Axis Bank charges Rs. 1400 to Rs. 12960, then its liability will increase from Rs. 140000 to Rs. 1296000. However, for this, banks will have to make a new locker policy. Based on that the amount of damages will be decided. According to RBI, the new locker rules will be applicable from January 1, 2022.

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What does the new rule say

It is the responsibility of the banks to take all steps for the safety of the premises in which the lockers are kept. The Bank shall ensure that the incidents of fire, theft/theft/dacoity, dacoity, building collapse in the Bank’s premises are not due to the negligence of the Bank and any lapse or other deficiencies. Banks cannot say that they do not bear any responsibility to their customers for the loss of the contents of the locker, so if the loss of the contents of the locker of the customer is due to the above events or due to fraud committed by its employees. It happens, banks will have to pay damages equal to 100 times the annual rent to the customer.

what are the rules now

At present, there is no provision to compensate banks for any kind of loss. In fact, when a customer takes a locker, the banks do not take information about what he keeps in it. On the basis of which the bank did not make any provision for damages. They argued that when we do not know what the customer has put in the locker, then we cannot even take responsibility for it. That is why the RBI will keep a provision for compensation on the basis of rent. That is, still banks will not take information from their customers about the contents kept in the locker.

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Customers also have to keep these things in mind

According to the new rules of the Reserve Bank, banks will have to include a provision in the locker agreement, under which the locker rental customer will not be able to keep any illegal or dangerous goods in the locker. And if the customer does not pay the rent for the locker for three consecutive years, then the bank will be able to take action on it and open his locker by following the necessary procedure. Apart from this, banks will be required to send SMS and email of locker operations to the customers. Apart from this, if the locker is not available in the bank, then the banks will have to give the number of the waiting list to the consumers.

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