Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) pre-registration, teaser release date, logo reveal and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) pre-registration, teaser release date, logo reveal and more

The Indian mobile gaming community has been brimming with excitement ever since the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India a few days ago.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was previously known as PUBG Mobile India, a region-specific version of the original BR title that was set to be exclusively released for players in the country.

The original PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government in September last year due to security and privacy reasons.

This article provides an overview of Battleground Mobile India’s pre-registration, trailer, logo, and more.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile)


As per the announcement made by Krafton Inc, Battlegrounds Mobile India will have a pre-registration phase before the game is officially released. The announcement reads:

“BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, a battle royale experience, will have a period of pre-registration before the launch.”

The exact details of the pre-registration process are yet to be revealed by the developers.

Trailer and Logo Reveal

The trailer for Battlegrounds Mobile India was released on the game’s official YouTube channel on May 6. The video ended with a “Coming Soon” message and has clocked over 11 million views.

A day later, Battlegrounds Mobile India developers released the logo of the game in a video.

Players can check out the logo reveal below:

Website and Privacy Policy

An exclusive website for Battlegrounds Mobile India was recently set up. In this website, players can check out the game’s official poster, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Here is the poster:

The official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India
The official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Privacy Policy on the website contains information regarding player data, the information that will be collected, how it will be utilized, and more.

The collected information is divided into the following categories:

  • Information collected directly from you
  • Information collected automatically
  • Information collected from third parties

Readers can click here to check out the Privacy Policy for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Readers can click here to learn more about Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Terms of Service.

Social media

All PUBG Mobile India social media accounts have been replaced with Battlegrounds Mobile India profiles. All posts on the previous social media accounts have also been removed.

Here are the links to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India social media handles:

Website: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

YouTube channel: Click here

Discord server: Click here

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