Bengaluru woman finds husband’s profile on gay app, files for divorce

Bengaluru woman finds husband’s profile on gay app, files for divorce

Seeing husband's profile on gay app, he became conscious, wife took this step

Seeing husband’s profile on gay app, the wife took this step (iStock)&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspRepresentative Image

Bangalore : A strange case has come to light in Bangalore, Karnataka, where after three years of marriage, a software engineer came to know that her husband is gay. She came to know about this when she checked her husband’s mobile phone and found several dating apps in it. She also came to know that till now the husband, who used to shy away from hitting near her by making some excuse or the other, was talking to his partners through these apps.

As soon as this information came to the fore, the ground slipped till the feet of the woman that her husband was gay. The woman claims that they never had a physical relationship in three years of marriage. While the woman works as a software engineer in a Bangalore-based company, her husband works in a private bank. He was married with the consent of his family members. While this was the first marriage of the woman (28), it was the second marriage of her husband (31).

always used to make excuses from wife

After marriage, both started living in Jayanagar, but her married life was not at all pleasant for the woman. The husband was always estranged from her. Whenever she asked the reason, the man would silence her by saying that he was upset by the deception of his first wife. When things were not going well between the woman and her husband, they also met the family counselor, where he would often make excuses for his heart broken due to a previous marriage.

The situation got worse when last year due to corona virus infection, there was a lockdown and many people were asked to work from home. The woman noticed that her husband was always glued to the phone. To clear her doubts, when the woman looked at her husband’s phone, she came across some dating apps, after which she became more alert and decided to keep an eye on her husband’s activity on the phone.

woman filed for divorce

When he checked the phone some more, he came to know about two gay dating apps. In this, her husband had also maintained his profile and was also chatting with partners. When the woman questioned the husband about this, he retracted and argued that he must have put his profile on the app, but did not have a relationship with anyone. However, the woman’s trust was broken and she decided not to be in such a relationship anymore. So he filed for divorce.

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