Britain report on China | China’s international conspiracy! UK committee issues warning on WHO, Interpol: China wants to control WHO and Interpol

Britain report on China | China’s international conspiracy! UK committee issues warning on WHO, Interpol: China wants to control WHO and Interpol

UK parliament panel says China wants to control WHO and Interpol

UK committee made shocking disclosure about China.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspAP


  • A UK parliamentary committee has made a sensational claim about China
  • Foreign Affairs Committee has said that China is making multilateral institutions weak
  • The committee says that the UK needs to take steps in this direction

London : Another sensational revelation has come about China, which is being targeted by the countries of the world for the origin of Corona. A UK parliamentary commission report has claimed that autocratic countries like China want to break or weaken multilateral, international institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Interpol, or use them according to their own accord. These two institutions were formed after the Second World War with the aim of developing an international order based on the shared values ​​of peace, prosperity and freedom.

Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs published on Thursday
This report of Britain’s House of Commons Committee on Foreign Affairs was published on Thursday. 11 lawmakers included in the committee that review and examine the country’s foreign policy have warned in their report, ‘Countries including China and Russia that have negative effects, if such countries do not respond to Britain and its allies. So the danger is high that democracies will lose multilateral institutions. Countries with dictatorial attitudes have done very little to show their faith in the values ​​these institutions display.

Trying to gain control of multilateral institutions
The report further said, ‘We have seen efforts by countries like China to gain control of strategically important institutions. On the principles on which these institutions are built by global consensus, these countries want to make fundamental changes in those rules. Britain has played an important role in the creation and development of these multilateral institutions.

‘China forces countries to seek support’
The committee says that China is resorting to aggressive methods to exert its influence over the countries involved in these institutions. In order to gain support for his opinion of multilateral institutions, he pressurizes countries with his economic might and forces them to make their point. The report calls on Britain to bring like-minded countries together to expose countries that are undermining these institutions. The Trump administration’s stance towards these international institutions has also been criticized. The report said that the Trump administration’s reckless attitude helped China strengthen its position in many multilateral institutions.

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